Eat This Tumblr: Thug Kitchen

F-Bombs, healthy recipes. Mostly F-bombs.

  • Thug is sort of sounding like your mom right now.
  • Never was a truer statement spoken.
  • Avo as mayo? Can't argue with that.
  • Oooh a real recipe!
  • Pretty hard to believe Thug and girlfriend were able to craft this from unassuming fridge garbage. But for the sake of this picture story, we'll let it go.
  • We would grill the shit out of lettuce too!
  • Hopefully this dog got more than one frozen pea because this dog looks pretty happy.
  • Refreshing as fuck AND protein packed? These should be subway ads.
  • Thug needs to drink some of this lemonade and fast.
  • Thug is so full of knowledge!
  • Thirst is a terrible, terrible thing.

A few weeks ago, we brought you a Tumblr belonging to a couple of Chicago girls who like to say swear words while they cook. Well, this week we bring you the Tumblr of a guy who’s a lot more irreverent than that. Meet Thug Kitchen, whose proprietor can find a curse word to fit just about any occasion: like washing spoons, suggesting a healthy black bean wrap, or pointing at grapes. Honestly, these photos don’t even need our captions. And sometimes there are even recipes!

Click through and try not to crack a smile — you know your punk ass fucking wants to!

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite shots, then follow Thug Kitchen here.

All photos via Thug Kitchen.

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