Eat This Tumblr: Sad Desk Lunch

  • "A pepto-(ab)symal martini for all those beans you ate yesterday…"
  • "This doesn't deserve a caption."
  • "I'm lonely."
  • “I’m lonelier… but low-carb.”
  • "Sriracha makes even the saddest lunch bearable. "
  • "I gave up on breakfast a long, long, long time ago."
  • "Quite possibly the manliest sad desk lunch ever. A day after subscribing to Goop and I’ve become that coworker."
  • "Adventures in Emotionally Regressing, food edition."
  • "Corn industrial complex."
  • "Why eat when you can drink?"
  • "The Ying and Yang of So Fresh and So Terrible."
  • "Veggie burrito with a side of trash. (Everyone knows Kim wasn’t used. Jeez)"
  • "YOLO"
  • "Eating a lukewarm microwaved burrito with a spoon."
  • “Kind of like pizza Lunchables, minus the cool factor, Capri Sun, and candy bar. So basically nothing like pizza Lunchables.”

We’ve all done it: Sat in front of our computer at work eating a depressingly mediocre dish out of a Styrofoam box. Even for those who work in the food world, lunch is rarely a meal of glory. I am currently working my way through a meal comprised of an overripe banana, watered down iced coffee, and a measly excuse for crackers as I write this.

Kira Fisher, the curator of Sad Desk Lunch—a Tumblr dedicated solely to the culinary fails of the working world—writes that while “Swedes even party during their lunch breaks” you can find us Americans “eating our sad tupperware lunches.” If her collection of sad desk lunches isn’t enough to motivate you to leave the office, she throws in this fun little fact: “Eating lunch at your desk can expose you to more bacteria than a toilet seat.” Yum.

Click through the gallery above to see pictures of the saddest of desk lunches. All photos courtesy of Sad Desk Lunch. 




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