Eat This Tumblr: Pictures Of Hipsters Taking Pictures Of Food

Next up is hipsters taking photos of hipsters taking photos of hipsters taking photos of food.

  • Up close and personal with pizza... and wine?
  • You gotta dig deeper than just the Starbucks name.
  • Dreads, front tied bandanas, sandwich meats, olives, and chopped hard boiled eggs. Classic picture of hipsters taking pictures of food.
  • Guys! It's so minimilist!
  • Grandma gets it.
  • Get the hardwood floors in the shot, you'll totally get more "likes!"
  • Camping! So Organic! iPhones!
  • iPads shouldn't be used in public. Ugh.
  • Dope lighting my dude.
  • Guinness and pancakes is a champions breakfast.
  • Cheesin' about that iced mocha are ya?
  • You taking a selfie with that duck face?
  • Best hair at Starbucks for sure!
  • Gotta get that far out angle for the big pie. Definitely a seasoned vet here.

Ever since the mid-19th century, when French photographer Joseph Nicéphore Niépce snapped a tabled still life, food photography has been on the rise. And ever since 2007, anybody with a smartphone and an Instagram account can be a professional food photographer. Psych! Everybody can pretend like they’re a seasoned photographer and put artsy filters on their shots and get hella Instagram “likes” from their friends.

But for real, public food photography has become an epidemic, getting to the point that restaurants have started to prohibit photography, claiming that it “totally disrupts the ambiance.” Needless to say we’re guilty of it, because who doesn’t like showing off stacked, juicy burgers to their friends or bragging about their feasts? So we can’t hate too much, but we can certainly laugh, and so here’s a meta Tumblr that features pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food. It joins another fine tumble known as Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food.

Click through the gallery to see some of the most egregious and hilarious Pictures Of Hipsters Taking Pictures Of Food. 

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