Eat This Tumblr: Inside the Pizza-Fueled Insanity of Roberta’s

Pies in space!

  • Did you know that Roberta's host events like the Beermasters Winter Classic?
  • They put out helpful PSAs—bikini season is nigh.
  • They remind you that their brunch menu is very perfect and only available on weekends.
  • They illustrate new pizzas in GIF form, like the Dakine with pineapple, jalapeño, prosciutto, and ricotta.
  • They provide useful information in light of imminent holidays.
  • They smother you with intoxicating pictures of new pizzas like El Supremo.
  • They throw garden parties like this one.
  • People feel pretty passionately about Roberta's pizza.
  • Roberta's fans can be found anywhere, even in a laundromat.
  • They provide updates on the progress of their lawn, a preeminent Bushwick party location.
  • They bring tempting pies to Madison Square Eats.
  • Their pizzas magically float in space.
  • Their pizza parties are better than anything you could have come up with.
  • They reblog fun pizza art from places like pizzabreath.
  • Real wizards come out of the logs in the wood-burning oven to properly cook each pie.
  • Sometimes Roberta's pizzas are made in space of their own volition, like this margherita pizza which simply came to be in the Milky Way.
  • And their pizzas are always there for you, especially on Valentine's Day.

If you’re a New York food obsessive, you’ve probably been to (or at least heard tell of) Roberta’s, the pizza joint in Bushwick that moonlights as a clubhouse for the local food community, an urban farm, a radio station, a chef’s tasting table, and many other things. You might also be familiar with the restaurant’s insane Tumblr — a checkerboard of pulsating, flashing pizzas that are probably not at all safe for epileptics.

But have you ever really looked at it? Like, really looked at it? Sure, plenty of restaurants turn to Tumblr for behind-the-scenes snippets and upcoming dishes. As it turns out, though, Roberta’s uses theirs as a repository for just about all of the  wonderful things they’re involved in—beer drinking, garden fetes, ho- tub parties, holiday schedules, new pizzas, old pizzas (in GIF form), fringe pizza art from other Tumblrs, and even grungy art specially commissioned for the beloved pizza spot. Think pizzas in space, magic pizzas, floating pizzas, and so on.

So maybe it’s time to start paying attention to Roberta’s as Tumblr—if only to see that pizza is more than you ever imagined it could be.

All photos courtesy of Roberta’s.


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