Eat This Tumblr: Fridgemania!

  • Is it us, or is this reminiscent of The Ring?
  • Banana phone? We'll take it.
  • This is how you keep film properly, next to the eggs.
  • This fridge-freezer combo is actually pretty sketch, but we'll accept it as fridge art.
  • Let us not forget about cool grocery store fridges.
  • "Fridges are cold, hard, and often untactful." Agreed. Although we sometimes wish our fridges would stop us just once?
  • Wet hair. No clothes. The only way to fridge-dig.
  • No, this is not a before and after photo from the one before.
  • iPhone app magnets! Genius.
  • Let's be honest - as cute as those milks are, they're probably expired.
  • Where can we buy this sleeping icebat?!
  • Having no food never looked so cool.
  • Let's just see if he can still fly after that midnight craving.
  • This one is called "Thieves in the Night." Pretty hard not to be with cupcakes like that lying around.
  • "Late Night Snack," also known by its alternate title, "Stealth."
  • Happy Easters!

If you haven’t seen Moncef Belyamani’s Fridgemania!, you’re missing an Interwebs favorite of ours and more than 15,000 other avid followers on Tumblr. It’s where Belyamani, a code guru with a passion for music and fridge art, curates the most creative fridge photos from around the world. And while he only posts a couple times a month now, his archives go back for years. From surrealist portraits of midnight cravings, to eggs with painted faces, each photo (culled from Flickr or elsewhere) is an ice box treasure.

So get to following Belyamani and his refrigerator musings—if we’re lucky he’ll start posting more often because of it.

In the meantime, indulge with an eyeful of Fridgemania!’s porn-a-la-Frigidaire with the gallery above, and don’t forget to visit his blog.

All photos via Fridgemania!


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