Eat This Tumblr: Famous People Eating Pizza

Delve into the food of the gods. And the president. And Madge.

  • Why It's Awesome: Ryan Gosling dons a sport coat while eating pizza in front of a Borders. Our favorite topping is whatever his is.
  • Why It's Awesome: #VintageHillaryClinton eating anything is pretty awesome. And she usually manages to do so while never smiling, ever.
  • Why It's Awesome: Kurt Cobain was working on the band's new single, Smells Like Pepperoni Pizza.
  • Why It's Awesome: Gerald, aka the coolest friend on Hey Arnold, loves cartoon pizza, too.
  • Why It's Awesome: Niall Horan (of One Direction fame) found the ill Polly-O string cheese pizza.
  • Why It's Awesome: Judah Friedlander knows how to fold his pizza the right way. He also takes the time to hold up a dirty finger so we know that.
  • Why It's Awesome: Aziz and Jesse are just two bros buying some slices. Although Mr. Eisenberg looks like he was just stealing something.
  • Why It's Awesome: The cocaine and vodka in this photo have been Photoshopped out and replaced with a pizza slice.
  • Why It's Awesome: It's proof that pizza is the food of Andy Warhol and the Illuminati among us.
  • Why It's Awesome: Insert rude comment here.
  • Why It's Awesome: This #vintagepizza pic is awesome for many reasons, not least that Justin Timberlake is an 11 year old.
  • Why It's Awesome: Jay and Bey eating pizza is Fig. 2 of our Illuminati pizza theory.
  • Why It's Awesome: The Harry Potter clan gets their own pizzas while everyone else has to eat some weird gravy stuff. The trappings of fame come early for some.
  • Why It's Awesome: Take Kardashian comment from before, and make it even ruder.
  • Why It's Awesome: Remember when
  • Why It's Awesome: We all know the president loves his grub, but this close-up shot shows the depths of his passion.
  • Why It's Awesome: Here's proof that even Madge feeds her immaculate woman body with pizza—as a true Italian should.


Every week on Eat This Tumblr, we highlight our favorite food (and sometimes drink) related Tumblrs. This week is Famous People Eating Pizza. We’d explain what it is, but it’s pretty obvious. Highlights include various Illuminati —from President Obama to N*SYNC, Bey and Jay to Andy Warhol—wolfing down pies. It’ll make you hungry.

Click through the gallery above to see our favorites, then follow Famous People Eating Pizza for, well…you know.




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