Eat This Tumblr: Burgers and Nails

Nail fanatics and burger fanatics unite.

  • This mani-ac styled her nails after Tory Burch's SS13 collection and picked up a cream cheese cheeseburger from Foster's Hollywood in Spain.
  • These killer nails, done with a nail pen, are finished off with a beaut from Five Guys in Massachusetts.
  • Heart-tipped nails are in love with this giant cheeseburger with avocado from Berlin Burger International.
  • We don't need to tell you that animal-print nails are fierce—as is violently crushing an innocent cheeseburger from Wendy's.
  • Everyone knows the best way to get dots is with a bobby pin, and the best way to ruin newly manicured hands is to grasp a cheeseburger like this one from Five Guys in Montreal.
  • The poster of this nail-burger combo wants to nominate this as the "worst burger ever." What do you expect from the supermarket's 2-for-$1 deli deal? Anyway, those high-powered nails are awesome.
  • We'll forgive that disaster of a DIY vegan bagel burger because those nails are fun and the "burger" looks like something from the Muppets.
  • American Apparel's pastel green apparently goes really well with bacon and caramelized onions from Bistrotheque in London.
  • Australian opera singer and cabaret performer Ali McGregor submitted a burger pic with diaphanous red nails (her "show nails") and a Wagyu burger with extra cornichons from Diablo's Oven in Western Australia. Sounds about right for an opera singer.
  • This English lady had just won second place in a NAIL ART COMPETITION (!) and stopped on the way home for a McDonald's cheeseburger to celebrate.
  • This person braved a Chicago snowstorm to get these shiny nails from OPI, as well as a burger, fries, and shake from Edzo's. Only one of those is worth it.
  • The red on those nails may be classic, but a homemade veggie burger using a Kroger's product definitely isn't.
  • Wrapped up in some lacy nails, a McDonald's burger has honestly never looked so good.
  • Those nails might be a homemade gradient, but that burger is definitely Five Guys.
  • With nails custom painted at Primp and Polish in Brooklyn and a blue cheese burger from Zoe in Manhattan, this cross-borough collabo can't be stopped.

With a name like Nailburgerlar and a description like “Burgers and Nails,” you know you’ve stumbled upon a very niche, and potentially very awesome, Tumblr. Based in London, but featuring submissions from around the world, it offers a no-fuss way to peep two things you might not have thought about together: burger pics and incredibly detailed nail art. Not interested in fingernail murals? Just focus on that oozing cheeseburger, on the brink of being devoured.

Click through the gallery above to see some burger action and some really greasy fingers and check out Nailburger on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

All photos courtesy of Burgers and Nails.


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