Eat This Tumblr: Behind the Scenes with Food Photographer Adam Milliron

Pittsburgh photographer Adam Milliron shares his scrumptious shoots on his Tumblr

  • Milliron shot and styled all the plates for this breakfast shoot.
  • Milliron shot this beef heart for a Playboy profile on chef Justin Severino at
  • As every legit photographer should, Milliron shares his picnic pics, too. Here, some roasted chicken and sauce make a pretty great meat pattern.
  • This scrumptious set features black coffee topped with whipped cream made with SNAP liqueur and ginger-snap mustaches. GINGER MUSTACHES.
  • Milliron shot these white chocolate and cranberry cookies in his own studio window for foodie blog With the Grains.
  • We might ask what a purple cabbage is doing in a molcajete, but it looks so damn good that we just don’t care.
  • These drinks are Milliron's response to Mario Batali’s challenge to use rhubarb simple syrup in cocktail construction. His three variations are cherry-mint, grapefruit-rosemary and rhubarb-lemon.
  • This cheesy wedge of goodness was supposed to be the cover of Table magazine, but it was cut for a brighter image. We’re just glad we get to see it here.
  • Milliron was there to capture the joviality of this outdoor farm benefit dinner last summer.
  • Part of being a food photographer means getting a tasty reward at the end of the shoot—like some little lobster-topped pastries.
  • Milliron writes that drink photography (like this shoot for
  • Milliron says this is a  throw-back of chef Justin Severino at his restaurant Elements shot when Milliron was just starting out.

The Tumblr companion to Pittsburgh food photographer Adam Milliron’s photography website offers a glimpse into his life behind the lens. And though the blog is less than a year old, he posts often enough to make it feel well-lived in. From the fabulous results of his scrumptious shoots, to his magazine spreads, to Photoshop notes, shutterbug tips, and answers to reader questions, Milliron’s mouthwatering Tumblr is well-worth a follow.

Click through the gallery above to see our favorite shots, then Milliron’s Tumblr here.


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