The New York Times Suggests Pizza Is “Meh,” Gets Smacked Down by Earl Sweatshirt

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“The Meh List is not an outpost for inanity, glibness and trolling,” writes Willy Staley on the New York Times’ “6th Floor” blog today—a sentiment we might be semi-willing to believe if he weren’t literally defending the decision to call pizza “meh.” He’s not talking about dollar slices or Ellio’s frozen squares, mind you—he’s suggesting that pizza, in general, is a worthy target for the Internet’s most aggravatingly lazy form of virtual shoulder-shrugging.

In his argument for pizza’s alleged mehness, Staley makes one good point: That the “Internet’s constant bickering about pizza is…outsize compared to the food’s relative innocuousness.” In light of Deep-Dish Pizza-gate and de Blasio’s fork debacle, he’s correct in saying that people should just shut up and enjoy/hate pizza however they please. But in his questioning of pizza’s relevance as a topic of discussion (an argument so meta it makes us want to lie down), he makes the bizarre decision to throw some shade at its inherent value as a foodstuff (as well as New Yorkers’ passion for their home-grown pies, which apparently Staley does not really think very highly of as a dude from Northern California).

“It’s basically bread with cheese and sauce on it, and maybe some other stuff,” write Staley. “It’s like a sandwich with fewer ingredients and less topological complexity. Or maybe nachos, but more contiguous.”

Shots fired at pizza and nachos? At first, we were too incredulous to even begin to summon a counterargument. Fortunately, Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt stepped in to issue the only response necessary:

Because really, at the end of the day, why are you really even saying this, dog? Earl’s tweet is perfect, but here are some other folks who are equally displeased with the Times’ trolling of pizza lovers everywhere:



[via 6th Floor Blog/Twitter]

  • mainlybacon

    The ultimate question is twofold: first, is the NY TImes more “meh” than any food, including pizza, and also is it harder to digest.
    Sadly, the Times is both ultrameh and indigestible. Plus they don’t even list their ingredients.

  • Gators an

    This “writer” needs to learn how to write. His overreaching attempts are indecipherable.

  • brad

    Isn’t that libel?

  • PlayBall8

    As a life-long resident of Nor-Cal i resent the pretense that Northern californians dont know shit about good pizza…

  • D.A.

    I thought the point of being a food writer was to not only be open to different cuisines and foodstuffs, but to respect these things and how they contribute to culture. If this is how he feels about Americans interpretation of an Italian staple, how does he feel about other simple American comfort foods.

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