Dude on Craigslist Will Pay You $175 to Sit in A Bathtub Full of Ramen Noodles

Would you do it!?


Photo: asianfoodgrocer.com

Every gourmand knows ramen tastes infinitely better when a lady has been soaking in it for hours.

Ok, maybe that isn’t a thing, but a Brooklyn resident has posted the below ad on Craigslist asking a woman to soak in his bathtub full of ramen.


Our favorite part of the listing is the fact that he specifies that he does NOT want the sauce seasoned by the bathing woman, and that he’ll season it once he gets home.

Maybe this person has identified the next trend in ramen. Maybe, just maybe, woman-infused tonkatsu is going to be the next big thing in Brooklyn. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t be all that surprised.

[via Craigslist]

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  • Dan Thil

    sweet photoshop work

  • Tyrone

    Brooklyn hold this L


    Very poor Photoshop work on the picture. F-

  • bonkywonka

    Lmaooo at “no unsolicited offers or services”

  • HapaChoppah

    TONKOTSU, not tonkatsu

  • Guest

    Noodles Khate Khate Noodles me hi gir gai Fashion News

  • wazid

    Noot bad fashion News

  • Alex

    Lool, i bet hes using ledlampen

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