How to Dress Like a Hamburger (From Head to Toe)

Swag on you, young burger lord.


If you follow the runways of Europe’s couture capitals, you’ll see how food has infiltrated the world of fashion. In Paris, Karl Lagerfeld put on a show in Paris in a makeshift gourmet supermarket, while Moschino draped models in Milan in garments inspired by McDonald’s, Budweiser, and Hershey’s. But we’ve known it was awesome to wear garish food-related clothing since rappers started wearing those enormous M&Ms-sponsored NASCAR jackets.

And so, when we spotted these new hamburger Crocs this week, we knew it was time to embrace destiny and finally dress entirely like a hamburger. Think of this look as the next evolution of that time Beyonce dressed like a cow to go to a vegan restaurant. If you want to join us in this sartorial mission, check out our favorite burger-themed garments, from socks to outerwear.

Footwear: Hamburger Crocs



Mario Batali’s signature orange slip-on have nothing on these bunless burger joints. They’re Japanese exclusives, but you can buy them online

Socks: Sock It To Me Hamburger Socks


Don’t slip when it comes to the details—even your socks can celebrate the glorious union of meat, cheese, and bun. $11.50; 

T-Shirt: Diamond Burger T-Shirt


Not all burger tees are created equal. This one succeeds by brining a an eye-catching street-wear sensibility to the genre. $80;

Underwear: Toddland Slider Boxer Briefs


No meat in your pants jokes necessary here—these briefs speak for themselves. $8.54;

Outerwear: Shelfies Holy Burger Sweatshirt



Throw up your prayer hands emojis for this one—straight fire. $52.99;

Bag: Eastpak Delegate bag (Hungry Henry edition)


The perfect messenger bag for messengering burgers about town . $19.31;

End Clothing x Saucony Shadow 5000 “Burger” sneakers



Probably the most thoughtful collabo in haute-burger history, these subtly designed Sauconys come with extra laces in packets marked “BBQ” and “Mayo.” $135;

Yummypocket Hamburger Wallet


Imagine how meta it will be when you pull this out of your pocket to pay for a burger?! $9.50;


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