Photo Booth Mania: DBGB 5th Anniversary Party with Daniel Boulud

Last night, Daniel Boulud's sausage emporium celebrated five years on the Bowery. Here are the most memorable scenes from inside the FWF x DBGB photo booth.

  • First We Feast editor-in-chief Chris Schonberger, Daniel Boulud, and FWF contributor Phoebe Lovatt
  • The DBGB charcuterie magicians (with friends)
  • Maisie Wilhelm (Dinex Group) and food writer Jordana Rothman
  • DBGB sous chef Ian Vest (center) takes a break from making guacamole
  • Throw your fives up!
  • DB the Viking Gawd
  • Pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini (right) makes one of many photo-booth appearances of the night
  • The undisputed king of the evening
  • Ex-Balthazar chefs Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr are taking advantage of the opportunity to party before they open their new restaurant
  • DBGB family
  • orig0061_pic00-3373297197-O
  • DB crew represent!
  • Eatocracy's Sarah LeTrent is unfazed by this attack
  • Anita Lo goes punk rock
  • Phoebe Lovatt wonder why she is holding a baguette. Fair enough.
  • DB with new ink
  • #baguettegang (CarlaSiegel and Monica Bhambhani)
  • Charlotte Steinway of Jetsetter and FWF News Editor Erin Mosbaugh
  • Oh hey—it's former Daniel pastry chef (and dessert legend) Francois Payard (far left)!
  • Complex Senior Editor Foster Kamer and Lena Griffin
  • FWF photographer Liz Barclay and Lisa Parisi
  • Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave and food writer Jay Cheshes
  • Dinex Group's Lauren Young
  • The Men Who Dine x Johnny Iuzzini
  • Chef Guenter Seeger
  • orig0079_pic03-3373296656-O
  • Franco-American Gothic?
  • Author and journalist Bill Buford in the house
  • City Grit's Sarah Simmons has a laugh
  • *prayer hands emoji* to Highland Park 12 Year Old Whisky
  • Does this mean DB is opening a restaurant in Chicago!? Let the speculation begin...
  • Complex squad: Aurea Sanabria, Jian DeLeon, and Rachel Shapiro
  • orig0041_pic01-3373299167-O
  • Jennifer Kapp with the Men Who Dine
  • Toast to the gawds

A Daniel Boulud party isn’t like a normal party. For instance, at most parties there are chips and dip—maybe some wings and crudités if you’re lucky. At a Daniel Boulud party, there is a housemade charcuterie station with piglets hanging from ceiling; an enormous veal haunch carved to order; a la minute guacamole paired with tequila shots; a raw bar complete with a glistening ice sculpture; a seven-foot baked Alaska lit on fire in front of enough of glowing iPhones that you’d think Beyonce just walked in the door; and, just for good measure, some FWF signature cocktails.

Most parties have an iPod blasting Bangerz through a wonky sound system. At a Daniel Boulud party, the legendary Marky Ramone (yes, that Ramone) makes a cameo on drums with a live swing band, and then a DJ blasts “99 Problems” and Nirvana into the wee hours.

At most parties, there are selfies. At a Daniel Boulud party, there’s this:


You get the idea—Daniel Bould parties are awesome. And last night, the iconic French chef hosted a particularly epic bash to celebrate DBGB’s 5th anniversary, as well as the opening of a brand-new DBGB in Washington D.C. later this summer. DB’s food-industry pals—including Gail Simmons, Wylie Dufresne, Anita Lo, and Food & Wine’s Dana Cowin—came out in force to toast the man of the hour, and we were ready with a viking helmet-equipped photo booth to capture the behind-the-scenes action.

Click through the gallery above to see the best moments from the #DBGB5 photo booth. 



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