Year in Pictures: Daniel Krieger’s 12 Best Food Photos of 2013

From a four-star sushi review in the New York Times to Ivan Ramen's incredible new cookbook, the Brooklyn photographer was behind the lens for some of the year's most memorable food moments.

  • Krieger says: "At the BBQ place Mighty Quinn's, they wear black surgical gloves instead of the white ones you see at most other restaurants—pretty badass. This was for the New York Times review, where Mighty Quinn's got two stars."
  • Krieger says: "
  • Krieger says: "I shot Tørst for Time Out New York. I love it—beautiful interiors, and amazing food and beer. What's not to like?"
  • Krieger says: "From a shoot for Daniel Boulud—this is a dessert at the newly revamped DB Bistro."
  • Krieger says: "This is from the New York Times review of Carbone, and it's of their tableside Caesar salad joke."
  • Krieger says: "This one's from a shoot I did of a few dishes at Wylie Dufresne's new restaurant, Alder—this is the fried cauliflower with lardo."
  • Krieger says: "I was excited to start shooting for Food & Wine in 2013. This was my first shoot with them, for this past summer's grilling issue."
  • Krieger says: "I was lucky to get to shoot Daisuke Nakazawa, the apprentice from Jiro Dreams of Sushi who came to NYC and got an amazing four-star review for the New York Times at Sushi Nakazawa. It was impressive watching this guy work."
  • Krieger says: "I met Ivan Orkin this past year and did most of the finished dishes and technique photos in his book, Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession, and Recipes from Tokyo's Most Unlikely Noodle Joint.  I'm really proud of
  • Krieger says: "In 2013, a drink publication named Punch was launched by two talented ladies, Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau. I've done a bunch of shoots for them and this is from a cocktail shoot we did at St. Mazie in Brooklyn."
  • Krieger says: "I did some photos for the website of Franklin Becker's new restaurant that's about to open—it's called Little Beet."
  • Krieger says: "As the photo suggests, this is from an Australian place called Pie Face."

As we said last year, you can’t follow the New York food scene without running into Daniel Krieger’s photography everywhere you look. He may not have snapped many of 2013’s media-circus foodstuffs—Cronuts, ramen burgers, and the like—but he was on hand for the biggest moments that restaurant obsessives care about: capturing the craftsmanship and personality of Sushi Nakazawa for its four-star review in the New York Times; shooting many of the beautiful images for one of the year’s best cookbooks, Ivan Ramenand continuing to document the city’s most-anticipated openings as head photographer for Eater NY.

Krieger also added some new strings to his bow this year. Working with publications like Punch, he proved that drink photography doesn’t have to be boring, even if it lacks the visceral porniness of a juicy burger. And he also became a master of the Instagram realm, bringing us behind-the-scenes images from shoots, traveling the world to capture stunning food and landscapes, and teaching others how to wield their iPhones like a pro.

Here, Krieger shares his favorite food photos of 2013—click through the gallery above to see them all, then check out a supercut featuring some of his best Instagram shots below.

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