Craft or Corporate? This New Beer App Checks Whether Your Drink is an Authentic Craft Brew

Craft Check scans thousands of labels to determine whether the beer in your hand is small-batch.

Photo: iTunes

Photo: iTunes

Sometimes the line between craft and large-batch brew gets a little fuzzy. Blue Moon, for example, is a Molson Coors beer masquerading under an artsy label.

Craft Check is a beer app specifically dedicated to separating the micro from the macro. The $0.99 app allows beer drinkers to scan the label underneath their phone’s camera. Based on the barcode or name alone, Craft Check will look into its pedigree.

The app is based on the Brewer’s Association definition of American Craft Brewery. It will also provide news on buyouts and new breweries opening. Basically, Craft Check is a beer geek’s best friend.

Scan a fake, and the app will announce, “Careful! What you’ve got there is an imitation craft brew from one of the big guys. It’s got all the soul of a spreadsheet. Crafty, but not Craft.”

But enter in a genuine craft brew, and it will proclaim, “Congratulations! What you’re looking at is a genuine craft brew from a genuine craft brewery. This is as good as it gets (when it comes to beer).” We aren’t ones to hate any technology that gets excited over craft beer.

Kona Brewing Company is actually owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Photo: Refined Guy.

Kona Brewing Company is actually owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. Photo: Refined Guy.

On the subject of brand transparency, Julia Herz, craft beer program director at the Brewers Association, tells Fortune:

“We say the beer lover has a right to know, when they have a beer in their hand, if they’re drinking a beer from a large global brewery. There is a difference in terms of what small brewers go through vs. what large, global brewers go through.”

Brewing beer isn’t easy, so it’s important to check what kind of company you’re supporting.

Buy Craft Check in the iTunes store for iOS7 and iPhone 5S here.

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  • Jeff

    Any plans for an Android app?

  • John Striker

    If you did your research you’d know that Kona is NOT owned by Anheuser Busch. They are a part of Craft Brew Alliance which is a partnership between Widmer Brother’s Brewing, Redhook Brewing, and Kona Brewing; craft breweries that have been brewing beer longer than the Brewers Association has been around! Anheuser Busch has some stock in Craft Brew Alliance but it’s not a majority share, I believe 30%. The Brewers Association pulled an arbitrary number out of a hat for “corporation ownership” and Craft Brew Alliance didn’t make the cut. I’m tired of good craft breweries getting the shaft! Companies like Sam Adam’s is still considered craft by the Brewers Association but Kona isn’t? Give me a break.

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