The 11 Coolest Starbucks in the World

From a Starbucks built inside a repurposed shipping container to a ski-thru Starbucks, these are the coolest Starbucks locations on the planet.

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  • This repurposed bank in Amsterdam is being pinned as a Starbucks "laboratory," due to its mission of coffee experimentation and innovation. Should your eyes wander up, the ceiling features an undulating relief composed of 1,876 hand-cut and stained wooden blocks. (Photo:
  • The first flagship Starbucks in New Dehli sports a fancy, modern interior and offers cultural dishes like Murg Makhani Pie and Mutton Seekh in Roomali Roti. (Photo:
  • In a growing attempt to promote green building, Starbucks built a shop out of four shipping containers in Tukwila, Washington, and it looks completely awesome. (Photo:
  • This adorable little house burrowed in Breckenridge, CO is in fact a Starbucks. (Photo:
  • This Starbucks in Xi'an, China is undoubtedly  alluring and exceptionally modern looking—but the imgur)
  • What better way to counteract freezing your ass off on the chairlift than sipping on a caramel macchiato in Squaw Valley, CA. This is Strabucks' first and only ski in/ski out location. (Photo:
  • Leave it to Paris to have a velvet-trimmed, posh-ass Starbucks in the heart of the city. (Photo:
  • This Starbucks in Fukuoka, Japan was designed by acclaimed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The architect apparently wanted to give the impression that the Starbucks was nestled in a tree. (Photo:
  • Only in Dubai would you see the most extravagant Starbucks in the world. With a dome like that, you might as well order a Taj Mahacchiato. Too much? (Photo:
  • There is a Starbucks on a Navy warship and they call it the "Starboxer"—no joke. Why? Because Starbucks coffee is essential to wining naval warfare. (Photo:
  • Starbucks has two concept stores in Bangkok, one of which is a drive-thru and the other offers a wider menu and more attention to food than a classic Starbucks. (Photo:

If America runs on Dunkin, then the world runs on Starbucks. They are literally everywhere. More often than not, the interior is similar wherever you go: wood-trimmed furniture, stainless steel countertops and coffee machines, and the classic Starbucks-green accents. It’s comforting, right? But don’t go thinking all Starbucks are the same.

The coffee company has enlisted acclaimed local artists and innovators to design select Starbucks stores throughout the world. We’ve compiled the top eleven coolest Starbucks worldwide, including one built in a repurposed shipping container in Washington, one located in a bank in Amsterdam, and a ski-thru location at Squaw Valley Ski Resort in California. Like I said, Starbucks are literally everywhere.

Click through the gallery to witness the coolest Starbucks around the globe.

  • Dominique Conrad

    The one in Hakodate, Japan is awesome. Right on the water in the Red Warehouse District. Complete with a view of Mt. Hakodate.

  • Barbara Nisar

    Enjoyed myself at a new Starbucks in Woodland Park, Colorado. The outdoor seating has cushioned furniture, an outdoor fireplace, and a view of the Rocky Mountains. The store location is at 8500 ft. Is that the highest Starbucks in the USA?

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