Out of Context: The Most Unexplainable Pizza GIFs on the Internet

Brace yourself for the world of #WeirdPizza.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The Internet is a very scary, bizarre place out on its fringes. The further you venture, the weirder things get.

Case in point: We did an innocent search for pizza GIFs. Instead of a greasy, cheesy pizza slice, we found cats riding pizza in space, pepperoni slices deep-throating bananas, and pizza-faced people eating themselves.

It’s a dark world we live in. So naturally, we’ve compiled the oddest, most terrifying pizza GIFs on the the ‘net for your viewing pleasure.

Scroll down to see our favorites, then try to explain them. Just try.


Pizza Shark

Frat Party

A Very Serious Disease

Deep Throat


Pizza Face

Pizza Sees You

Pizza Dance

Pizza Joint

Escape from Pizza

Pizza Frisbee



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