These Clever Labels Will Redefine Your Sandwich Experience

Using colors, these nifty labels detail the order of ingredients in each sandwich.


Photo: BVD

If you’re busy and hungry, the last thing you want to do is look at a packaged sandwich from all angles to figure out what’s in it. Swedish design agency BVD has created clever labels that spell out exactly what you’re about to bite into.

The minimalist labels list every ingredient in order of their placement in the sandwich, beginning with the type of bread. Mayonnaise is appropriately printed in white, tomato in red, and salad in green.

The labels can be found on sandwiches at 7-11 and Press­byrån convenience stores in Sweden.

Take a peek at the labels below.

bvd_reitan_1-820x538 bvd_reitan_2-820x538 bvd_reitan_3-820x538 bvd_reitan_4-820x538 bvd_reitan_5-820x538

[via Design Taxi]


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