China Introduces New Hello Kitty Beer

Now you can get shwasted, Sanrio-style.

Hello Kitty Beer

Hello Kitty Beer

Hello Kitty is peddling yet another product—because a line of coin purses and stationary just wasn’t enough. Hello Kitty beer—which is fruit-flavored and has only 2.3% alcohol by volume—is now being sold in China. The beer is made by Taiwanese brewery Long Chuan and comes in six flavors, including “Hello Kitty Lemon Lime” and “Hello Kitty Peach.”

According to JS Online, the beers are marketed as having a “Taiwan fruit flavor,” which is a selling point in China because the Taiwanese are big on fruit-flavored beers. Head on over to Kotaku to see what they thought of the beer’s flavor, and to see how many they had to drink to get a buzz (ok, we’ll tell you: three whole beers).

We’d imagine Long Chuan launched the Hello Kitty Beer to appeal to female consumers. Studies indicate that of those women who consume alcohol, only 30 percent choose beer. Brews marketed towards women—including Chick Beer, Bud Light Lime-A-Rita, and Coors Light Iced-T—all appear to be insanely fruity and contain little to no actual alcohol.

Personally, we think this is a cheap way to market beer to women. If any person, male or female, is adverse to the bitter flavor of hops, just point them to a less hop-heavy beer like a Hefeweizen, sour beer, or fruity lambic. As a woman, I say stop trying to sell me gross flavored beers that taste less like beer and more like fruit juice.

Check out some of other despicable “female friendly” brews below.

Coors Light Iced-T

Coors Light Iced-T

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