Cheater Cheater, Steakhouse Eater?

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A survey of conducted by—one of the most reputable sources for morally questionable information—revealed which NYC restaurants serve as a cheater’s paradise.

When picking a place to dine with an on-the-down-low lover, crucial criteria include distance from home and atmosphere over food. Steakhouses and chain restaurants reign supreme, with midtown serving as a popular location, due to easy accessibility. Most importantly, the establishments must be popular with the business meeting crowd so that the credit card bill doesn’t arouse suspicion.

Coming in first is upscale seafood restaurant Blue Fin in Time Square. The restaurant is also conveniently located inside of the W Hotel, making it that much easier for two-timers to get their freak on. Second on the list is Morton’s Steakhouse, followed by the famous Italian eatery, Cipriani. These restaurants are usually hot spots for deal meetings, but they seem to be less about business and more about pleasure these days. Especially on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm—the time at which most survey takers could be caught cheating.

Downtown hot spots Momofuku and Beauty & Essex also managed to make their way onto the somewhat scandalous list, breaking up a collection that reads like a who’s-who of mooky NYC steakhouses.

Cheaters gon’ cheat—apparently eat a shit ton of filet mignon in the process.

cheaters 403x500 Cheater Cheater, Steakhouse Eater?

[via NY Post]

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