Celebrate National Pi Day With Our Favorite Pies From Around the U.S.

There's no better time to drool over pictures of pie than π Day.

  • Pear and cranberry pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. (Photo: Liz Barclay)
  • Pecan pie at Pie 'n Burger in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo:
  • Banana cream pie from The Apple Pan in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo:
  • Lemon shaker pie from Scratch Bakery in Durham, NC. (Photo:
  • Salted caramel apple pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. (Photo:
  • Berry Pie from Julian Pie Company in Julian and Santa Ysabel, CA. (Photo:
  • Salty Honey pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. (Photo:
  • Hand Pies from The Original Fried Pie Shop in Oklahoma. (Photo:
  • Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC. (Photo: Liz Barclay)
  • And one last gratuitous shot of pie from Brooklyn's Four & Twenty Blackbirds. (Photo: Liz Barclay)

Are you having a Pi Day party? You know, a gathering where you and your friends sit around eating pie, watching the 1998 American surrealist psychological thriller Pi, and trying to figure out the infinite digits that proceed 3.14592? We thought so.

The best part of Pi Day is, of course, is the edible part—which is why we’ve brought you beauty shots of some of our favorite pies around the country. We love the banana cream pie at The Apple Pan in L.A., the salted caramel apple pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, and the lemon shaker pie form Scratch in Durham, NC. And sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a pie baked in your oven at home, which will inevitably fill up the house with the smell of butter and cooked fruit.

After you’re done looking through the gallery, be sure to get up from your desk, find the closest pie shop to you, and get your dessert on.

Click through the slideshow for pictures of some of the illest pies on the planet, in honor of Pi Day.

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