Celebrate 100 Years of Mallomars with These 6 Fantastic Mallomar Recipes

Cheers to a century of chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies.

  • PB&J Mallomars. Why not combine two childhood faves into one with this PB&J-layered Mallomar variation?
  • Mallomar Brownies. As if chocolate and marshmallow wasn't an awesome enough combo, try mixing a Mallomar cookie with a brownie. Then try not to pass out.
  • Next-Level Mallomars. Yes, the yellow-box Mallomars have a certain nostalgic flair, but this recipe for homemade Mallomars gives them a serious run for their money.
  • Mallomar Cupcakes. All the Mallomar ingredients you love wrapped up in a delightfully-trendy mini cupcake.
  • Mallomar Pie. Bigger is always better, so why not turn tasty, tiny Mallomars into this giant pie version?
  • Mini Mallomars. This recipe takes the traditional Mallomar, shrinks it down and adds fun coloring to make it uber-adorable.

This week, Mallomars turned the ripe old age of 100. Yup, those cookies layered with marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker have been around an entire century. And with their fool-proof combination of s’mores ingredients, we can understand why. Even if the store-bought variety make you a little nervous, you can still join in the joyous celebration of the sweet’s 100th birthday. Here are six recipes that use natural versions of Mallomar ingredients—including Mallomar brownies and PB&J Mallomars.

Click through the gallery to see delicious elevated and elaborated Mallomar recipes.


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