Cake Boss Bakes 400-Pound Cake Replica of Wrigley Field

This 4-foot-by-5-foot cake celebrates the ballpark's 100th birthday.

Photos: Twitter/@CakeBossBuddy

Photos: Twitter/@CakeBossBuddy

The first baseball game played at Wrigley Field took place 100 years ago today. To mark the centennial anniversary of the ballpark, NJ’s “Cake Boss” (a.k.a. Buddy Valastro) baked up a 4-foot-by-5-foot cake replica of the iconic Chicago Cubs home field.

The ballpark cake weighs 400 pounds, and took four people six days to make, reports

It will be displayed in a glass case outside the ballpark near the Ernie Banks statue, before it meets its fateful end. After the third inning of today’s Cubs game, the cake will be moved to the Field Museum, where it will be devoured by guests attending the Cubs Charities Bricks and Ivy Ball.

It’s a shame to even cut up a cake this beautiful, but we’d go H.A.M. on it if we were invited.

[via Chicago Business]

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