9 Dishes Worth Traveling to Buenos Aires For

It's summer in the wintertime in Argentina. Book a flight now, and bring an appetite.


Is it a strip steak? Or a sirloin?

Bife de Chorizo Mariposa at Bodegon El Obrero

In Argentina, steaks seem reconfigured from our own. Everyone agrees that bife de chorizo is often the most beguiling cut, but is it a strip steak or is it a sirloin? Cooked over charcoal, the cuts are smoky and loamy at El Obrero, a wonderful soccer-themed place founded in 1954 in the now-sketchy La Boca neighborhood. The place reeks of age and the immolation of millions of steaks, washed down with wine much better than most visitors expect. The ribeye (called “ojo de bife”), french fries, and ravioli are great, too. Agustín R. Caffarena 64, La Boca, 4362 9912


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