Brooklyn Resident Holds Guinness World Record for His Pizza Box Collection

Who knew greasy cardboard could get you such a prestigious award?

Photo: Guinness World Records Facebook

Photo: Guinness World Records Facebook

It’s not hoarding if your stuff has a cool theme, right? And if it wins you a world record, it’s totally acceptable. Scott Weiner, of Brooklyn, NY, would undoubtedly confirm that his collecting has paid off this week, as he now holds the Guinness World Record for largest collection of pizza boxes.

Weiner made his way to the record with an impressive collection of almost 600 pizza boxes that he’s been acquiring since 2008. And his boxes aren’t just from his favorite neighborhood pizza joint, they come from 45 different countries all over the world. Weiner told Guinness the first box he collected was a “Tour of Italy” box from Roma Foods that was so colorful, he “couldn’t pass it up.” Although many of the boxes in Weiner’s collection were acquired for free, he has specifically purchased six empty boxes from eBay. (Thanks, Scott, for letting us know about yet another bizarre thing you can buy on eBay.)

The King of Pizza Boxes is pretty knowledgeable about the pies they once held, too. He runs Scott’s Pizza Tours that offers bus excursions and walking tours that hit some of the great NYC pizza establishments. We’re not only impressed with Weiner’s pizza and box expertise, but also with his ability to fit 600 pizza boxes in a NY apartment. Kudos, man.

pizzaboxking Brooklyn Resident Holds Guinness World Record for His Pizza Box Collection

The Pizza Box King basks in his boxes and world-record-glory. (Photo: Guinness World Records Facebook)

[via Gothamist]

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