Bojangles’ vs. Chick-fil-A: The Ultimate Chicken Biscuit Showdown

The Southern-fried debate of the century, settled once and for all.


All photos and text by Justin Roberson (@BauceSauce)

As a Southerner, I am no stranger to fried food—chicken, potatoes, macaroni, etc. I've eaten it all. In fact, there was a nine-year stretch from seventh grade to junior year of college where I did not consume a single baked/broiled/steamed vegetable. If an item wasn't nestled inside a flaky womb of perfectly seasoned flour, then it didn't occupy real estate on my plate. While assisting my grandmother in the kitchen when I was eight years old, I remember her telling me, "Whatever the recipe calls for add in another stick of butter." Another. Stick. I sweat grits, and pregnant Southern women lactate buttermilk.

I say all this to say my arteries never stood a chance, but also as a means to explain that although I may not be an expert on the diverse and ever-shifting landscape of international cuisine, I am intimately familiar with Southern Homestyle Cooking. If eating an actual ton of it every fiscal quarter doesn't attest to that fact, know that I was actually engaged to a chicken-fried chicken breast for 6 months, but she called it off after I lost my job and couldn't afford the sawmill gravy she was so accustomed to being smothered with.

Southerners agree on most things, from gerrymandering to gun rights. However, a rift courses deep through the southeastern United States that is older and more violent than the Hatfield–McCoy feud. This rift pits brother versus brother, father against son, mother against great-uncle, and daughter against cousin.

Who has the best fast food Southern Style Chicken Biscuit: Bojangles' or Chick-Fil-A?

I have seen lives ruined because of this debate.

Both restaurants have served Southerners for over 30 years—their dishes are staples of our diets, their signs indigenous to our town landscapes. Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits, affectionately known as Bojangles', opened in 1977 in Charlotte, NC. The first Chick-fil-A opened in 1967 in Atlanta, GA. With such a long heritage, it's easy to understand why each side has its own gaggle of die-hard fans.

Bojangles' Cajun Filet Biscuit is inherently spicy. So, to combat any palette preferences, we chose Chick-fil-A's Spicy Chicken Biscuit for the showdown. Since the heat from the CFA biscuit comes from the spice in the batter, and not sauce or marinade, they were closer equals. Let's get this poultry in motion.

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  • Derp Nowitzki

    Theres no Bojangles in Louisiana are we not the South? Can you have a truly “Cajun” anything without inviting the Cajuns?!? Get a goddamn Bojangles in New Orleans yesterday!

  • gastronomer
  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    Before reading, I believe I went through almost the exact same stretch of lack of produce.

  • Sarai

    Bojangles!! I worked at Chick-fila-A for three years, tried the biscuits and they taste like shit compared to Bojangles biscuits..I just wish the closest one to me wasn’t three hours away :-/

  • David S.

    The Foghorn Leghorn reference was VERY well-done. Good stuff, although I think the Chick-Fil-A Owner/CEO is more Pro-God that anti-anything…

  • fultimejackmove

    Bojangles all day every day. i once heard a non-Southerner call CFA “Chick filla.” ruined the place for me forever. that and the troglodyte owner.

  • D.A.

    I think it’s contradictory to bring up one man’s views on sexual preference and ignore why one company is named after a popular actor & character who performed in “blackface”. I quick google search would suffice. Other than that I’ll give Bojangles’ another go. I don’t think I’ll ever give up CFA, just to be clear.

    • kate.kool

      I have worked for both comapnies. My Chick-fil-A is owned and operated by such a woman that you say ChickfilA opposes. The commitment to excellence in the business is amazing where as Bojangles prioritizes profit, Chick-fil-A values stewardship. Bojangles cuts corners and Chick-fil-A builds bridges. If you’re going to bring business practices into this, please do your research and don’t just go off what fox news tells you.

  • Kayli

    Bojangles all day every day God bless the Bo box to feed a family full and fast. I will never give any money to chock full of hate aka chick-fill-a. Even before their idiot CEO opened his mouth when he should not have I still detested their food.

  • CH

    I went to UNC Wilmington, with a Bojangles across the street. You must add egg to the Cajun Filet Biscuit, its unparalleled.

  • Tog Neve

    Oh wow…someone attempting to objectively rate two different biscuits has to end with subjective ranting? Whole article is now a PHAIL. I sure wish I could get back the 5 minutes of time I just spent reading this. Next why not compare the Big Mac to the Whopper and end it with how Obama Healthcare is going to hurt the economy….they are related right, even indirectly….

  • DirtyTerry

    There’s no way CFA can win Ease of Access…THEY’RE CLOSED ON FUCKING SUNDAY MAN. GET IT TOGETHER.

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