The Amazing “Bible of Barbecue” Book Doubles as a Cutting Board, Knife-Sharpener, and Fuel for the Grill

A new Brazilian churrasco manual redefines what a cookbook can be.

As much as we love great cookbooks, there’s a limit to their usefulness. Most stay on shelves gathering dust, or sit around as props on coffee tables. The Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco, or “The Bible of Barbecue,” is a transformative exception, packed with interactive elements that actually contribute to the cooking process.

The massive tome is divided into three chapters. In “Starting,” there’s a slab of charcoal that can shattered and used as fuel, a piece of fire-starter paper, and a page folded into a fan for stoking the flame. Pages in the “Cook” section include a pull-out apron, cutting board, and knife-sharpener. And in “Serving,” there’s a kitchen towel, placemat, and serving tray ready for use.

According to Adweek, JWT Brazil created the game-changing cookbook to promote Tramontina’s new line of cooking tools. It was released in March to a select group of “master barbecue chefs,” and a less complex version of the book will soon be available in bookstores in Brazil.

Watch the video above to see how the cookbook deconstructs into a barbecuing kit. Here are some highlights:

One “page” is made of a slab of charcoal—pull it out, smash it, and use it for fuel in your grill.
The flammable “Fogo” page acts as a fire-starter.
The back of the book doubles a chopping board…
…and there’s a block inside for sharpening knives inside.
You’ll also find aluminum foil for wrapping up baked potatoes.
When it comes time to eat, there’s a nifty serving tray.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a juicy steak.

All photos via JWT Brazil 

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