The Best Recipes on the Internet: Mexican

Don't be a slave to search results—we gathered a team of bloggers and cookbook authors to pick 25 Mexican recipes that will never let you down, from guacamole to queso fundido.


Note: This photo depicts a different version of enmoladas, but you get the idea. Photo:



Alfonso Pacheco says: Anyone who is serious about Mexican food needs to fold a good mole recipe into their repertoire. Personally, my favorite way to consume it is rolled up in tortillas and smothered in cheese. Often confused with the ubiquitous "enchilada", "enmoladas" add a level of seriousness and authenticity to Mexican cuisine here in the U.S. Cooking up a batch is a sure fire way to impress your guests and show them just how up to snuff you really are. This recipe is great because it is the perfect compromise between using mole that is pre-made and making one from scratch. Best served with a side of cilantro rice and an ice cold margarita.

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