The Best Recipes on the Internet: Mexican

Don't be a slave to search results—we gathered a team of bloggers and cookbook authors to pick 25 Mexican recipes that will never let you down, from guacamole to queso fundido.


Classic Margarita

Best Recipe:Chef Julian Medina of Zócalo

Alfonso Pacheco says: Due to the overwhelming abundance and use of terrible and sugary pre-made mixes, the Margarita has become a bit of a misunderstood creature. Having grown up in Mexico, it saddens me to see it in such a state. It's like running into your high school valedictorian at McDonald's 20 years later and they're on the other side of the counter. When done right, the Margarita is amazingly refreshing and crisp. Julian Medina has got it down with this recipe. The trick is to use fresh squeezed limes and a good orange liquer. Add a splash of soda water and some muddled jalapeños if you really want to kick it up a notch. Oh yeah, and forget the blender, real margs are best enjoyed on the rocks.

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