The Best Recipes on the Internet: Mexican

Don't be a slave to search results—we gathered a team of bloggers and cookbook authors to pick 25 Mexican recipes that will never let you down, from guacamole to queso fundido.


Chilled Shrimp Tacos

Best Recipe: Rick Bayless

Alfonso Pacheco says: Rick Bayless is one of my favorite "Mexican-inspired" American Chefs. He spent years living in Mexico and traveling around to different areas of the country to really dig deep and understand its various regional cuisines. The guy knows his stuff and brings a level of authenticity to everything he cooks. You can tell by simply looking at any of his recipes. Most of them require some serious ingredients. This particular one is the perfect combination of "straightforward" and "delicious". Its light, refreshing, and an excellent way to balance a meat or veggie-heavy meal!

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