25 Kitchen Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

From one-ingredient desserts to nifty wine hacks, these ingenious ideas will help you become a culinary maven.


Cooking isn't all about ease—sometimes, it's the hardest, most labor-intensive dishes that turn out to be the most satisfying to make. But arming yourself with little time-savers—a better way to peel garlic or cut cherry tomatoes, for example—will make you much more efficient in your cooking ops. And there are plenty of fun party tricks that you can pull out to impress your guests, like making Coke slushies in your freezer or creating a delicious dessert out of one ingredient. Here are our 25 favorite cooking hacks and kitchen hacks—learn 'em all and you'll be unstoppable.

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  • Kevin King

    I don’t really recommend that avocado trick if you’re at the grocery store. Feeling the consistency is sufficient, but if you remove the stem from the top, it will oxidize much more quickly.

  • Lazy cook

    Great tips 90%, fantastic.

  • corbinc


    or, just eat the skin. it’s good for you and has an interesting texture.

  • lazysundae

    “ITS NECK”
    Also how are 30-min hard baked eggs a life hack when hardboiling them takes 10 mins?

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