The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops in NYC

From old-school parlors to new-school shops shilling oddball flavors, these are the city's finest frozen-treats destinations.


Summer brings with it many pleasures—outdoor drinking, procuring absurd farmer's tans, and going on awesome road trips. But the chief among these seasonal delights is a visit to an ice-cream parlor at dusk on a warm night, when you can find everyone from grandmas and toddlers to skirt-chasing teens sidling up for sundaes, milkshakes, and ridiculously American large scoops of mint chocolate chip.

New York has always boasted a dizzying variety of ice cream options; however, there have been some particularly stellar shops that have opened recently. These stores serve up exceptional oddball flavors and small-batch, lush products. We've also featured our favorite old-school ice cream parlor, because there's nothing like stepping into a time-warp and ordering an oversized sundae.

Here, the First We Feast team celebrates our favorite ice creams shops in NYC.

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  • Beth

    For the record: You CAN’T always pre-order pints at Ample Hills. They really only allow that if you’re ordering a bunch of pints a day or so in advance. They do have a pint freezer in the front that you can grab from and skip the line though!

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