The Best Food Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

You'll want more than a bag of chips on hand to enjoy these standout food films.


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Vatel (2000)

Good for: Costume-drama binge watchers.

Why you should watch it: Vatel is a turgid, rococo celebration of the lifestyle of the French nobility during the seventeenth century. François Vatel (Gerard Depardieu) works as a master of festivities at the service of the Prince of Condé, a nobleman stricken by gout and financial instability. Nonetheless, the prince entrusts Vatel to organize the most lavish feast upon a visit of King Louis XIV, who is set to spend three days at the country estate of the Condé family.  The movie alternates between sequences of ice sculptures, luscious fruits and epicurean feasts and the the personal drama of Vatel, who finds himself infatuated with Anne de Montausier (Uma Thurman), a courtesan traveling with the king’s party and, actually, the king’s new mistress.

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