We Know You Were Miley Cyrus, But What Did Chefs Dress as on Halloween?

All we can say is, Eric Ripert finally revealed his superhero identity and Andrew Zimmern's dog was a wiener.

  • Brooklyn Chef Dale Talde went as his buddy and fellow NYC chef,
  • Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern makes one believable wiener. Check out the hot dog pug photobombing the pic and stealing Zimmern's limelight. (Photo:
  • Chef Rocco Dispirito couldn't pick a costume—he went as half Giada De Laurentiis and half Guy Fieri.  Do you think he had amazing cleavage and screamed "Slamma JAMMA that’s a big clamma!!" all night? (Photo:
  • Momofuku Ssäm Bar chef Heather Machovec is a really convincing Danny Bowien. (Photo:
  • The staff at Le Pigeon in Portland Oregon got in the holiday spirit last night. We don't know who the f*ck Gabe Rucker is supposed to be, but we're guessing it has something to do with a punk sushi chef/thug. Please let us know if you are more culturally aware than us and have an idea. (Photo:
  • FULL THROTTLE! Nice one, chef Daniel Delaney of Delaney BBQ. But you really  don't hold a candle to any of @danieldelaney)
  • "When all else fails, go with some Mike Tyson face tribal. #halloween"...sound advice from Night+Market chef Kris Yenbamroong. (Photo:
  • Best group chef Halloween costume goes to NYC restaurant Pearl and Ash. The whole kitchen team dressed as the cast of the movie Clue. Think they all killed each other off by the end of the night? (Photo:

When it comes down to it, chefs are creative, fun-loving folks—exactly the kind of souls who get into the Halloween spirit. This year, while you were dressed as Miley Cyrus and Walter White, your favorite chefs dressed up as everything from hot dogs to Mike Tyson. A popular costume trend this Halloween was chefs dressing up as other chefs, which we feel is a subtle commentary on the celebrity culture surrounding modern day chefs (or, maybe they just wanted to troll on their chef friends and we just shouldn’t analyze Halloween costumes too much). Either way, your favorite chefs—from Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert to Bizarre Food host Andrew Zimmern—pulled out the big guns this Halloween.

Click through the gallery above to see what food celebrities dressed up as this Halloween.


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