10 Essential Bread Recipes You Need to Master

From homemade bagels to chai-spiced monkey bread, these 10 recipes will satisfy all your carb-related cravings.

  • Chai Spiced Monkey Bread. This rich and sticky sweet bread serves a crowd and is a perfect addition to any brunch table.
  • Oat Porridge Bread. The rich, sweet flavor of the oats, coupled with the exceptionally moist, custardy crumb imparted by the cooked grain, have made this one of our favorite breads.
  • Banana Bread. Tender, with a crisp, brown crust and really intense banana flavor, this bread is perfect for breakfast, or thickly buttered with a hot cup of tea.
  • Homemade Bagels. The only thing you can do to mess up these bagels is to make them, say, square.
  • Warm Custard Spoon Bread. A cross section of this layered dish reminds us of one of those sand jars you make in elementary school: the creamy white custard center is flanked by a sunny cornbread base and a paler cap of tender white cake scented enthusiastically (we think brilliantly) with nutmeg.
  • Yogurt Bread with Molasses. This hearty, healthy, moist, and just barely sweet bread covers all your cravings in just one bite.
  • Irish Brown Soda Bread. This soda bread is more rustic and hearty, and totally savory. It's made with a combination of white and whole wheat flour and oats, and toasted wheat germ gives the loaf a wonderful nutty depth.
  • Applesauce Carrot Bread with Pecan Streusel. A ridiculously moist, warmly spiced "bread" that's part apple cake and part carrot cake and all delicious.
  • Vegan Date Nut Bread. Moist, fluffy, and sweet, this bread is equally good for breakfast, dessert, and tea time.
  • Red Rooibos + Gala Apple Bread. We love how refined this quickbread tastes; the rooibos and apple give it a floral fruitiness that feels elegant and special. We see this as part of a breakfast spread, or as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea.

Love bread? Can’t go a day without it? Need to squash a carb craving, stat? We’re right there with you—we can’t deny bread’s unparalleled powers. While homemade bread sounds daunting, these recipes reveal that those bagels you buy up the street have some tough competition from your own kitchen. Get baking.

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