10 Great Ways to Incorporate More Booze into Your Diet

From a brioche cake that swims in rum to a steak marinated in bourbon, here are our favorite boozy recipes.

  • Sugar Steak with Bourbon. Just what it sounds like—a steak that’s blanketed with sugar and marinated in bourbon. Need we offer a drink pairing here?
  • Fudgy Bourbon Balls. Rum balls: The sweet treats that deliver a punch. These fudgy, boozy beauties are dense, moist, sweet, and irresistibly gooey.
  • Pork Brined in Rum and Cider with Apples. Brining with rum, cider, salt, and spices is the key to this juicy and flavorful pork. Over the course of many hours, the ingredients work on the meat, penetrating each inch with fall flavors. Sauteed apples, also infused with rum, add a slightly sweet counterpoint.
  • Baba Napoletano al Rum. Baba al rum are small brioche-like cakes that swim in a rum-spiked, citrusy syrup. These Italian treats are perfect for party desserts because they only benefit from being made in advance, allowing the airy brioche to gather flavor and soak in the heady syrup.
  • Rum Apple Cake. When you’ve found yourself with an overabundance of apples this fall, try them in this grown-up apple cake. It’s rich and buttery, perfumed with rum, and chock full of tender bits of apple.  If you’re feeling bold, up the decadence and top it with homemade rum-spiked whipped cream.
  • Gin Fruit. A mindlessly simple preparation with seriously flavorful results: Simply layer your favorite dried fruits in a jar, cover with gin, and let them chill for a week while the flavors take hold. Try this boozy fruit spooned over your favorite ice cream or use it to flavor your next G&T.
  • Risotto Rosso. We love the savory, earthy, acidic taste of this risotto, which is rich without being too intense. The carnaroli rice keeps its structure without being crunchy, so the resulting dish is creamy, not gluey.
  • Crunchy Maple French Toast with Maple Whiskey Butter. We didn’t think anything could be better than warm, syrupy french toast until a genius amongst us topped it with maple whiskey butter. The whiskey-maple combination gives the butter exactly the sort of jolt we need on most mornings. It could (and should) be slathered on biscuits, toast, and anything else you can get your hands on.
  • Braised Chicken with Red Wine and Leeks. The only acceptable use for red wine other than using it to fill a glass, is braising with it. Here, it’s combined with leeks to create a rich but simple sauce that seeps into the chicken during the slow simmer. This dish reheats beautifully (especially if you use all dark meat) and is great for serving a crowd. Just expand the recipe for a larger group.
  • Cherry Tomato Tequila Butter Salsa with Fried Fish. A simple fried catfish marinated with lime is made exciting when topped with spicy salsa. The show-stealing salsa, prepared with onion, tequila, jalapeño, cilantro, and lime, is silky vibrant, and changes fried white fish into a meal to celebrate.

Let’s face it, we’re all looking for ways to incorporate our favorite alcoholic beverages more places in our lives. So savory, hearty main courses and sweet desserts that actually require booze as a main ingredient are a win in our book. From a brioche cake that swims in rum to a steak marinated in bourbon, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite boozy recipes that allow you to eat and drink at the same time. Let’s just call it “multi-tasking.”

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