Apparently More People are Eating Guinea Pigs Than Ever Before

Guinea pigs on the grill (Curtiss Calleo via NPR)

Guinea pigs on the grill (Curtiss Calleo via NPR)

Bad news for your favorite childhood pet: more people in the United States are starting to eat guinea pigs as they show up on restaurant menus. Considered a delicacy in some South American countries, cuy (as they’re referred to in Peruvian cuisine) are most often cooked, grilled, or fried whole. Turns out, eating the rodents may also be more environmentally friendly than your hamburger, which requires more resources to produce.

The meat is said to be very tender and oily, “like pork combined with rabbit.” The verdict is still out for us, all we can think of is that sweet little guinea pig oink.

[via NPR]


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