This New Japanese Cafe Lets You Escape Your Loneliness By Dining with Stuffed Animals

At Moomin café, solo diners are seated with large stuffed animals so they don't get sad.


Photo: Jin

Do you often go to restaurants with a book instead of a date and pretend to read it? Do you own this anti-loneliness ramen bowl?

Japan’s Moomin Café has an even better solution to your sad solo-dining dilemma: the café seats solo patrons with large stuffed animals to keep them company.

The Moomin franchise is based on a series of Finnish picture books about a family of hippopotamus-like creatures, and the cafe has food, drinks, and decor inspired by the characters.

Twitter user Haru paid the restaurant’s Tokyo Dome City LaQua branch a visit. Rocket News 24 reports on her experience at the anti-loneliness cafe,

“She bravely stepped inside, took a seat, and placed her order. But as she was sitting by herself, waiting for her food to come, she was approached by one of the staff, who came over to inform Haru there was someone who’d like to sit with her, if she didn’t mind.”

That special someone was The Snork Maiden, the girlfriend of Moomin’s main character, Moomintroll.

Now there are two ways you can live your life: Being sad and eating by yourself, or being open-minded and eating with a snork maiden. It’s your decision.

Photo: Jin

Photo: Jin

[via Rocket News 24, Foodbeast]

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  • Gomoku

    There is something very wrong with Japan at the moment.

  • me

    A new cafe…..that has been open for years and is primarily for families and dates. But yeah,let’s just play the crazy Japan card.

  • you

    “me” is totally right – I have been there in 2010 already, so this article just got it all wrong. Especially it is NOT for singles, there is a lot of families because it is fun for children and by the way it is great for Moomins fans!

  • Big Al

    why don’t the lonely patrons just eat with another lonely patron?

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