Amazing Shawarma Master Looks Like Something Out of Mortal Kombat (With GIFs)

  • Is this guy a shawarma king or a jedi master? Just look at those knife skills!
  • Please note the tongs flip in the middle of this GIF.
  • This isn't just someone saucing kebab meat, this is someone putting their entire body into saucing kebab meat.
  • Please note the package spin the shawarma master pulls off before handing the sandwich off to the customer. This is better than ballet.

This video of a shawarma master in Russia makes us want to cry—it’s that beautiful. Wherever you look on the Internet, it seems this type of viral food video is lurking. You must be familiar with those awe-inspiring videos which expose street vendors killing it at their craft. Take, for example, this video of a vendor in India tossing parathas like they’re mere frisbees. These kings and queens of street food are ubiquitously amazing, but this video of the shawarma king might take the cake.

Click through the slideshow to see the most incredible moments of the shawarma master, in GIFs, then check out the full video below.

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