Airline Meals Get a Makeover

Now more airlines than ever are offering high-end meals to the cheap seats.

  • Asian chicken and Chardonnay from U.S. Airways (via
  • "Best of Meze" platter from Austrian Airlines (via
  • "Bella Italia" platter from KLM (via

If you’ve ever been stuck on a long flight with nothing to grub but those Lean Cuisine lookalikes, you’ll be glad to know many airlines are beefing up their in-flight food options.

Infinite Legroom—the new travel-oriented site from DJ A-Atrak and his squad of globetrotters—rounds up its favorite sky-high menus, including options like Hawaiian Airlines’ locally sourced wasabi popcorn and sushi, and the gourmet menu that AirBerlin created with Sansibar.

We like the looks of U.S. Airways’ dinner-and-a-mini-wine-bottle deal; KLM’s Bella Italia tray complete with antipasti and pasta carbonara; and Austrian Airlines “Best of Meze” platter with hummus, grape leaves and goat cheese. Still think Jet Blue’s blue chips are the height of in-flight gastronomy? The game done changed, player.

[via Infinite Legroom]


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