8 Reasons Why Japan Has the World’s Best Fast Food

If you think Doritos Locos Tacos are next-level, prepare to have your mind blown.


American fast-food chains have managed to expand their gluttonous franchises to countries across the globe. While said countries may have embraced this very American institution, they have also managed to make them their own by infusing local flavors—sometimes driven by taste, sometimes by cultural norms—into the standard menus. This hybridization has resulted in some of the dopest fast-food creations in the game. From time to time, we take a look at how fast food is filtered through localized tastes.

We have already covered India, a country where chains have innovated their way around no-beef restrictions, and now we shift our sights to the only country that gives it some serious competition: Japan. This archipelago nation might be best known to foreigners for more refined culinary exports like sushi, but upgraded fast-food options are one of its secret weapons—even big-name chefs like David Chang can't visit without pillaging local convenience stores like Lawson for next-level junk food. Major fast-food giants are constantly fighting to garner the most attention in a country that thrives on novelty, resulting in some of the craziest, most meme-worthy creations around. How do Japan's fast-food chains win time and again? Let's get into it...

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