8 Delicious Hot Sandwiches You Need to Eat Now

Not all sandwiches are created equal—the hot ones are the best.

  • Flank Steak on Texas Toast with Chimichurri.  This sandwich is a real two-hander—juicy, garlicky, and satisfying.
  • Grilled Pepper Cheese Sandwiches.  These electric orange sandwiches elevate the traditional grilled cheese by way of a new take on an old Southern favorite: pimento cheese. This version calls for sharp cheddar to counterbalance the sweetness of the roasted peppers and the punch of raw garlic. It also asks that you grill both sides of the bread, which keeps it crisp rather than soggy. We’ve already forgotten the old version.
  • Cubano Mixto. Ed Levine, the founder of GET THE RECIPE.
  • Patty Melt. This will take you back to the 1970s, and you'll want to stay there until you've enjoyed every last bite of this throwback burger variant.
  • Welsh Rarebit with Spinach. With a wise addition of spinach, this cheesy, mustardy open-faced sandwich would make a satisfying afternoon snack, or even a plated breakfast with the addition of bangers and eggs. A British comfort food staple for everyone's in-between meal arsenal.
  • Provençal Tuna Melt. With oil-packed tuna, capers, and thyme, this isn't your standard greasy-diner version of a tuna melt.
  • Grilled Aged Cheddar Cheese Sandwich with Pistachio Sage Pesto. The secret to this sandwich is in the dollop of applesauce that you’re instructed to spread atop the pesto layer and under the cheese—the dose of sweetness keeps you intrigued bite after bite.
  • Brie and Prosciutto Melt. It's just a grilled ham and cheese right? Hardly. The bread is buttery brioche, the cheese is extra rich brie, and the ham is prosciutto.

If we’ve learned anything from Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it’s that a killer sandwich is a sure path to Flavortown. And since it’s wintertime (we’re assuming Flavortown is somewhere in the U.S.), hot sandwiches are the only ones worth our breath. Some of these recipes require a bib, others are a little less messy—but not one is dainty. Click through the gallery above to see all the recipes.

Written by Food52 (@Food52)


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