Over the years, Kylie Jennerโ€™s on-again-off-again romance with aspiring rapper Tyga has sparked more media coverage than the presidential election, with the details behind every birthday present, every fight, and every break up popping up online with the utmost urgency. Well, as the relationship begins to heat up again this week, things may have finally gone too far.

Taking a page out of Kim Kardashianโ€™s playbook, the 19-year-old ramen enthusiast set out to cook her man a soul food dinner one night this week, placing a plate of ribs, chicken, and macaroni and cheese in front of an incredulous Tyga as young M.A.'s hit "Ooouuuโ€ thumped in the background.

Earlier this year, Kim got ethered on Twitter for her โ€œSoul Food Sundays,โ€ which featured the reality TV star serving sad plates of fried-chicken, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens to Kevin Hart, Chrissy Teigen, and her husband Kanye West.

At best, the food was criticized for looking dry and โ€œsoul-less,โ€ at worst Kim's cooking was deemed appropriative and offensive. Unsurprisingly, Jennerโ€”who is frequently accused for appropriating black cultureโ€”got the same treatment online this week, getting dragged on Twitter for efforts in the kitchen.

Let's just hope the next time Kylie decides to cook dinner, Tyga can at least force himself to finish the whole plate of food.ย 

[via BET]