22 Tons of Fake Beef Seized in China

This really makes our stomachs churn.

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  • Real beef (for your reference).

This week, police in Xi’an province reported that they had found and seized more than 22 tons of fake beef at a local factory. Get this: the “beef” was actually made from pork (which is considerably cheaper than beef) that had been treated with chemicals including paraffin wax and industrial salts to make it look like it came from a cow. Shanghiist reports that the factory sold more than 1,500 kilos (3,000 pounds) of the fake beef to local markets at around 25 to 33 yuan ($4 or $5) per kilo. Six workshops that were producing the fake beef have been discovered and shut down.

This isn’t the first instance of fake meat being sold in China. In May of this year, Medical Daily reported that 904 people were arrested in China for “meat-related offenses” over three months at the beginning of 2013. Included in these arrests was one gang of meat crooks who made over 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) by selling rat, fox, and mink meat at markets. This makes us wonder what impostor foods we might be eating, which in turn makes us very, very uncomfortable.

[via Shanghaiist, The Daily Meal]

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  • Katherine Conner

    What is next?

  • SoCal Moron

    This is why I don’t feed my dogs treats from China. Pet owners you’ve been warned over and over again. Costco sells dog treats made in China, so read your labels.

    • robocop26

      I don’t buy anything made in China. I only buy food manufactured in the US for my dogs and cats. I do not trust the Chinese they are unscrupulous!

      • truth

        G.M.O. it’s gona kill you

        • Jan Hoadley

          This has nothing to do with GMO.

      • sharon

        nice racial statement

        • Bluwater

          He didn’t say he doesn’t trust Chinese people. He said he doesn’t trust The Chinese. Some people say they don’t trust the Americans – does that make them racist? If so, against what race? You liberals can find racism anywhere you look, even if you have to fabricate it in your own head. And since you so easily find it, maybe it’s just a projection problem for you.

          • sharon

            i wasnt talking to you …. you must be American

          • Bluwater

            Did I say I cared who you were talking to. I was talking to you Sunshine. LOL Racist!

          • sharon


          • Bluwater

            Feminist Nazi!

          • kevin

            what?????? robocop26 clearly implied the chinese people. not trusting does not make him racist. making a sweeping generalisation suggesting chinese (people) are unscrupulous is.

        • Steven Bingham

          Thats not a racial statement they are unscrupulous and their food standards are ridiculous the rest of the world has standards and China has to recognise this and fall in line accordingly.

        • Steven Bingham

          Thats not a racial statement they are unscrupulous and their food standards are ridiculous the rest of the world has standards and China has to recognise this and fall in line accordingly.

          • jjackso

            China does not have standards as “high” as ours. That is why the profit margin is ridiculously large. Large enough to process chicken and ship back AND make your ipad!

          • kevin

            Generalisation that Chinese people are unscrupulous is clearly a statement targeting specifically the Chinese people.

            While it is true that there are certain industries/companies that do not follow the same principles the rest of the world do, does not make the population in general, untrustworthy.

          • Molly Long McCaig

            Not Chinese people, people in China! It is the country/govt that is the problem!

          • bogus

            True but the lack of trust is in product quality and content. Do you expect people to learn madarin and research individual Chinese companies to find out who can and cannot be trusted? Of course not, if in general Chinese products cannot be trusted, then obviously Chinese products will in general be avoided. If at some time in the future they gain a reputation for producing quality products rather than substandard than maybe that attitude will change. Same as the US have the reputation of ‘built by the cheapest bidder’ reputation for their products, along with refusing to meet the standards of may other countries or just faking their test results and accounting details, tax avoidance etc

          • Tao

            They’re unscrupulous which is why they have been making so many arrests. lolwut

        • bbob

          round eye eat anything,,no read,,only eat!

          • Luicee Ann Smithson

            *I* Don’t trust Chinese processing, and my children are half Chinese, am I Racist?
            First the Lead painted toys for toddlers,
            Then the 2000+ Dead Dogs
            Now this. You trust them if you want, all we ask is LABELS
            If it’s so safe, why not let us decide?
            They label CLOTHES made in China.
            Dog Treats made in China
            But our FOOD? Nope.

      • Nick Anthony

        U.S foods aren’t much better in fact U.S dog food has been known to contain dog meat….do some research on the subject.

        • Jan Hoadley

          20 years ago some shelters were selling remains to rendering companies that sold to pet food companies. Not surprising then.

      • Nada Pisac

        Boycott China products!

        • Tao

          No, thank you. My Chinese guitar is finely made with quality ingredients.

      • Steven Bingham

        Wouldn’t even give it to my dog (if I had one) unknowingly allowing my dog to commit an act of Cannibalism. CHINA fix up yourself as respect is NOT what your achieving right here in the west.

    • nogeeksadmin

      Costco does NOT sell dog treats made in China. You are a liar as well as a moron.

      • jason chernishenko

        haha says the guy with the dog in his pic u dont wanna beleive it thats all

      • teya

        COSTCO definitely sells dog treats made in China. The dried chicken strips are labeled made in China.

    • Scott

      I’m the same way Socal

    • IVY

      I wont be surprised if one day, China will fake their labels

    • Cherie Counts

      I make my dog his treats. He loves them and they are a lot cheaper to make than to buy already made. I won’t buy anything ingestable that says “Made in China”…I value my life!!!

  • DjBillc Cunningham

    Tyson food’s wants to ship chicken from here for processing in China and then shipped back to the U.S.A..Ok…

    • Chris Kimball

      This is so they can still make domestic claims. We need to stop buying Tyson products.

      • brad

        I was a truck driver for several years… hauled for Tyson. i won’t EVER EVER EVER eat Tyson products again. Trust me… if you knew the truth you wouldn’t either. And I wasn’t driving truck in China either.

        • Luicee Ann Smithson

          Sadly, I have a feeling it’s the same everywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrell.kitchen Darrell Kitchen

    Yeah, some of it can be Soylent Green!

    • Jean

      But… Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/darrell.kitchen Darrell Kitchen

        exactly …

  • JP

    What’s this world coming to? I was in Korea a few months ago and they fed me a fake cat!

    • therick

      ….and you would have preferred to have been served a REAL cat??

      • Denise Litirvenn

        I’ve had real cat, it was OK. Kind of stringy.

  • Brian

    I would hope that with the aid and inspection of the USDA here in the US that we wouldn’t have a concern for this

    • Shut Up Stupid

      Are you serious? The USDA doesn’t give a fuck about you, me or any other U.S. citizen. These crooks go hand in hand with the FDA. They are just as full of it as any other gov’t agency.

    • GLhavefun

      It was the USDA who agreed to allow Chinese processing of American chicken.

  • AfricanTraveler1

    This is precisely why, when I go to market, I read the labels carefully and will not buy food that comes from China. And when Tyson ships chicken to China to be processed and then ships it back here to be sold, I will cease buying Tyson brand chicken. A lot of the salmon one sees in the frozen foods dept comes from China. Even when I feel like eating salmon and find no other salmon available, I will not buy salmon from China. When it concerns food, “Made in China” is becoming synonymous with “dirty, infected, fake, unhealthy and quite possibly lethal.”

    • Fit&Healthy

      I so agree with you AfricanTraveler1

    • Johnny Watson

      Like anyone will care….

      • jason chernishenko

        thank you every body complains please quit complaining and do something bout it the effort u put into complaining u could be putting towards change
        grow up fools

        • AfricanTraveler1

          Jason, the complaining serves a purpose for those of us who did not know about this before. A bunch of letters and petitions to congress would perhaps help — and some to Tyson Foods, also

        • MarylandDave

          Jason, (and others)
          Please use capital letters at the beginning of your sentences, proper punctuation, and complete words instead of texting abbreviations. It makes it much easier to read.

          • Grrr

            People like you, annoy me. Get with the times.

          • Ralloh

            Aw, is getting with the times typing like a lazy retard?

          • Starla Yednak

            How DARE YOU. As a person that suffers from an illness that requires ALOT of effort to respond to these post PROPERLY as you put it. HOW DARE YOU. Do you know this person?? IS he suffering from lack of sleep due to a sick child all night??? Does he have a sick child on his lap and is typing as he tries to calm her/him?? DOES HE HAVE PARKINSONS DISEASE or some OTHER disease that makes responding to these post *properly* difficult to do?? I know when MY ILLNESS is rearing its head, u r lucky 2 get full sentence out of me. (yes short form intended) so what because I CANT do that then YOU think YOU have the right to judge ME based on MY WRITING skills..(and BTW I hold a Masters degree). If the MOST you can tribute to a debate is to JUDGE and humilate another person then maybe YOU need to go play in some other sand box, for you SURELY do not belong in this one

          • justanothereducatedgrammarnazi

            *a lot, not alot.

          • RelativelyNormal

            I think he’s just politely asking (with “please” and “thank you”) for a little more effort to be put into making posts readable. There was no judgment on anyone as a person there. It is more difficult to read a long post without punctuation. If we didn’t need punctuation, it would have died out a long time ago. People are free to ignore his request, and many do.

          • adam

            surely she’s not biased…..

          • Tao

            To be fair, Dave isn’t missing much.

    • Greg

      Buy our Canadian Salmon! Freshest and the best! If you dont want our Canadian stuff stick to Washington state or North East coast. Lots of good seafood out of our shared waters!

      • Denise Litirvenn

        ALASKA salmon, fool! We grows ’em big and strong!

        Also, hi neighbor!

        • Cyan

          Have fun when you got Salmon full of Rads from Fukushima…

          • Benny

            No worries, I wear power armor when I eat my bagel and lox.

          • jose

            Hahaha made my night I just finished playing 8 hours of fallout 3

          • Michael Wong

            “Cyan”, you get more extra radiation from living at higher elevation (see Denver, Colorado) than you would from Fukushima. Hell, simply taking a ride on a plane gives you a big spike of radiation, but I don’t see people freaking out about that.

            Most people don’t know ANYTHING about radiation, and you appear to be no exception.

          • adam

            most people don’t know ANYTHING about fukushima, and you appear to be no exception.

          • derek

            One doesn’t need to know that much about Fukushima to know that any contaminants leaking from the reactor are diluting into the Pacific Ocean which contains something on the order of 187 quintillion gallons of water. Also, you do know that they used to detonate atomic bombs in the Pacific, right? I suggest you do a little research into this, and also the specific types of radiation leaking from Fukushima, before contributing to the unnecessary hysteria over this tragic (yes) but not apocalyptic accident.

          • Michael Wong

            Unfortunately, trying to explain lines like “the poison is in the dosage” to people with an anti-scientific mindset is like trying to explain calculus to a dog. He may nod at you as if he understands, but really, he’s just thinking about taking a poop.

          • andrewjames

            Excellent way of explaining. So right you are.

          • yelram4life

            Really… don’t be a douche.

          • Dr. Mooney

            No dosage is safe. Prevent exposure as much as possible because no dosage is safe. What they are getting at is whats going on in Fukushima is definitely bad so don’t say that riding in an airplane is more harmful than whats happening in Fukushima because it’s not. The incident there is being downplayed and any type of leakage into the ocean is causing harmful effects.

          • Dave

            No one has the slightest clue as to what dosage is safe. It all does some damage.. thats the nature of the beast. BUT their seems no doubt that current levels are pretty damn conservative. We certainly can cope with decent amounts of ionizing radiation with out much in the way of issues. The death from weird cancers from survivors of Hiroshima is pretty damn close to normal rates.

          • Michael Wong

            It’s utterly absurd to say “no dosage is safe”, and it’s a fine example of the kind of unscientific thinking that characterizes alarmist propaganda on this subject. There are microscopic levels of arsenic in your drinking water; why aren’t you freaking out about that? And why are you so certain that Fukushima gives you more radiation than riding in an airplane, without bothering to evaluate the dosage?

          • adam

            you know what’s funny, I actually do mind the arsenic and fluoride in my drinking water, so I don’t drink it. It’s not absurd to say ‘no dosage is safe’. Just because we can tolerate levels of radiation doesn’t mean we should do so voluntarily. we can also tolerate some tornados….are those safe? the word safe does not equal ‘wont kill you’. it describes whether or not it causes loss or harm, and radiation does, in any dose.

          • chz_man

            you seem to like to use specific wording so, how about this. NO AMOUNT OF RADIATION IS SAFE. PERIOD! however, there are levels that the government(s) have deemed to be “acceptable” in order to remove any liability for the horrible practices each government has committed over the years.
            Arsenic is in apple juice and drinking water, People are finding that the “safe” limits you refer too, ARE NOT SAFE! The mortality rates and cancer rates are clear indicators of such. I repeat, NO AMOUNT OF RADIATION IS SAFE.
            In conclusion, Michael Wong is WRONG!

          • JonFraudCarry

            “No dosage is safe”
            You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. We are continuously bathed in low-level radioactivity. As has been true for the entire history of the planet.

          • adam

            and the fact that you think this is safe……….as humans bathed in low level radioactivity, with more diseases than ever before, with higher infant mortality rate, lower birth rates, sterilization rates, autism and fibromyalgia spikes, cancer epidemics….yea…just go ahead and think that radiation is safe. think that when little pieces of toxic particles collect in your body for 30 or 50 years, they don’t cause you any problems….keep thinking that. it’s sound.

          • Michael Wong

            There was low-level radioactivity on our planet before there were humans. Stop being an ignoramus.

            PS. I love the way you tie every health problem to infinitesimal changes in radiation dosage, and not at all to the incredibly unprecedented level of chemical additives in our diet. Genius!

          • ohWut

            *slow clap*.

          • omagosVII .
          • Tao

            Dr. Mooney is hiding from the sun in a bomb shelter, munching on activated charcoal…

          • adam

            nice attempt at an insult, too bad you don’t have anything actually of value to add.

          • Art Brown

            MW you really need to get a hold of yourself, and grow up and STOP being a rude idiot.

          • adam

            Fukushima is the largest nuclear disaster in history, and it has been leaking into the ocean nonstop for over 2 years. the magnitude of this incident still has not even been established. officials do not know whether the worst part is past or still to come. you can argue dilution all you want, but the fact the remains. Fish will be contaminated at unprecedented levels. Sure, radiation in small levels are non-lethal, but there really are no ‘safe amount of radiation’ … all radiation is dangerous. there is an amount that our bodies can tolerate, but less radiation is always going to be safer than more radiation no matter how much you dilute it.

          • Michael Wong

            Precisely what makes you think there is no such thing as a safe amount of radiation? There is a natural background level of radiation in our environment. Uranium occurs naturally; it’s the reason why coal-burning power plants actually emit more radiation than Fukushima: because they burn hundreds of thousands of tons of coal every year and there is trace uranium in the coal.

            You don’t seem to understand that there is no such thing as a radiation-free universe. There was radiation in our world before there was life.

          • Tao

            You’re arguing with someone who contests fluoridated water. That should be enough reason to dismiss his opinion, which is precisely that. He’s revealed a strong anti-science bias, and probably won’t hear a word you say.

          • adam

            here’s some science for you.. I’m positive I didn’t say anything that implies I have an anti-science bias. in fact, I have a scientific bias, more often than not.

          • Start Thinking

            “Fukushima is the largest nuclear disaster in history”

            Proving that you are in fact the weakest link. Ever heard of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_disaster

            They estimate that over 1 million people have died from this, and the area is f**ked for the next 50,000+ years…

            Save your breath and stop freaking out. Nuclear bombs were testing the the pacific in a closer proximity than Japan…

          • DonRice

            All radiation is dangerous? Well, hell, maybe we should all go someplace where there’s no sun, no electricity, no heat.

          • Kathy Allen

            I have seen pictures of it. I have sworn off all fish or anything else with a face forever and i do not miss it at all.

          • Tao

            …and you taught us something? What was the point of your comment other than being sarcastic and contrary? Either post some references or gtfo.

          • https://www.facebook.com/welcome.to.this.world Ian@WttW

            Fukushima is going to fuck shit up for many years to come. Generations of mutated fucked up shit.

          • Michael Wong

            Way too many people get their understanding of radiation from 1960s X-Men comic books.

          • yelram4life

            Damn. Still being a douche.

          • Michael Wong

            I see someone thinks it’s somehow bad to correct misconceptions and ignorance. perhaps “yelram4life” just loves his ignorance so much that it angers him when someone tries to take it away.

          • http://twitter.com/MFGreth Tony

            This thread is so goddamn funny. Especially since you’re right. I cannot call myself an expert on radiation, but it didn’t take me more than five minutes of research, tops, to realize there was no actual problem in the Pacific, as far as radiation goes, and it’s little more than alarmist conspiracy for idiots to freak out about, as they love to do, so they have something new to bitch about on their Facebook wall or whatever.

          • Art Brown

            Wrong and very questionable

          • terr

            we have a winner

          • MarkTrance

            Peanuts are not dangerous, unless you one of the small percentage of people who will die from exposure to it this year. Percentages of risk, when, even infinitesimally small, are comforting unless you are one of those who fall into that infinitesimally small group, in which case it sucks… Lack of risk does not equate to safe… Unless you are a statistician… Just the truth…

          • whome

            You guys are all too busy arguing about a non-issue that the whole point was missed. It’s about fraud perpetrated by the Chinese people just to make profit. This is not new that’s why I don’t buy any food from China. Remember the baby formula?

          • bellagrlxitalia

            and the poison cat food… and the lead in toys..

          • yelram4life

            yup. douche.

          • https://www.facebook.com/welcome.to.this.world Ian@WttW

            You may be not be right Michael, but you’re definitely wong!

          • Tao

            I’d rather be wrong (or Wong) than a racist, deluded asshole.

          • https://www.facebook.com/welcome.to.this.world Ian@WttW

            Nothing racist about it. His last name is Wong. It’s called a play on words you uptight prick. Now lighten up and go eat some seafood.

          • adam

            You sound like TEPCO, you know, the company that was responsible for the decommissioning of the plant, the company that basically covered up and lied about the severity of the accident… if this whole thing is no big deal, only ‘tragic’, as you say, why would that company lie to the world for 2 years? what’s to cover up? it’s not so bad, right? 187 quintillion gallons of water in the pacific, right?

          • Michael Wong

            (sigh) It’s a scandal IN JAPAN and rightfully so, because the concentration is obviously going to be much higher there. However, the idea that the entire Pacific is now dangerously contaminated is utter nonsense.

          • bellagrlxitalia
          • bellagrlxitalia

            it will be eventually.. when the ecosystem of the oceans are ruined.

          • Danny Kim

            oh hell naw! this mother f*cker did not just start dissing on x-men!

            …jk. but really, what u meant to say was Marvel. X-men is just a group/team in the Marvel universe. …don’t hate, just saying. LOL

          • yelram4life

            Don’t be a douche.

          • Art Brown

            Let go your ego MW

          • Fageol

            This brings to mind that famous Yale math professor, Tom Lehrer. In one of his tunes, there’s a line, “Without that data, yo’ chatta’ don’t matta.” Don’t see much data in the discourse.

            Feel free to use me as a reference. My cancer was irradiated a couple of years ago. My wife’s breast cancer was irradiated 15+ years ago. If no level is safe then we must be dead. And if so, would you ask your critics if they know why we still have to pay up on April 15th?

            I’m not an ichthyologist, but I seem to recall that the five commercial species of Pacific salmon are true salmonidae. That is, Atlantic, Scottish, i.e. non-Pacific “salmon” are, by definition, trout. Not that I’m against trout. Except if it glows in the dark.

          • Fuckyoushima

            “Radiation” could be light, infrared, UV, gamma, x rays, microwaves, or radio waves. They are all radiation. Be specific.

          • Cheryl

            My thyroid is gone due to radioiodine 131. It was intentional and lead was used to carry it and they were in lead outfits. Usually they quarantine but not on the West Coast. That crap in the water isn’t good for the thyroid. Ask anyone who lives near Hanford how they feel. Actually, ask the Japanese, who are seeing issues already. I am no expert, and I thought the person Cyan was cocky and rude, so I get your response Michael by the way. It gets tiring to hear from people like Cyan. Annoying!! After writing this, I totally get why you said what you did to him.

          • carolhaverly

            Two years to go before that happens is scientific estimate

          • cathy

            why you came up with that conclusion bastard! Japan has lack of salmon supply, how would they sell if Japan itself are in need? you don’t have any idea about Japan! are just trying to play safe because because you’re one of them, wash your dirty mouth!

        • Gladys1

          yes, would rather support Alaska than Canada!

        • Steven Bingham

          No you don’t NATURE does pfffft stupidity of some people.

          • guest

            It was stamped Made In Manchester.

      • cocoaubert

        Caution fish farm raised in the Sound near Tofino in enclosed netting!

      • Joanne Long

        I worry about the west coast Alaska salmon because of the nuclear waste from the pacific

        • Dave

          Its a big bloody ocean.

      • Jørgen Lie

        Bitch please, our Norwegian Salmon pisses on your Canadian badfish :D

        • shaun

          right……that’s why you all are SO known for salmon then?

          • Vanessa

            Except they are though, in the rest of the world?
            Conversely, I’ve never had Canadian or Alaskan salmon because it just doesn’t get exported here.

          • Jason

            imported, imported here. and where is here?

        • Sunny70

          I only eat Scottish Salmon!

      • shaun

        Pacific NW Coast salmon..the best kind….

      • rina nc

        Philippine Salmon too! Alors….

    • tracybb

      too bad the U.S. is now allowing chicken to be shipped out to China for processing and then shipped back to the U.S. for consumption and they are not required to label it that way. I am so sick of everything being about money!

      • Tippy

        We’re going to raise the chicken, slaughter the chicken, send it to CHINA to cut it up & package it, and then they will send it back to us to sell in grocery stores? No labeling will be required. http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/usda-allow-china-process-chickens-ship-back-u-214500281.html

      • MNLFoodcritic

        Because the bean counters now rule the world!

      • Jokes

        America is the land of the small minded global corporation. I don’t think that ordinary people have a say or are even cared about in that corrupt joke of a Democracy.

        • Jokes

          ….nevermind caring about the sustainability of the planet!

        • adam

          we aren’t. and its hard for me, the minority who knows this….because 97% of my co-citizens are fucking brainwashed. they have no clue about world history and the nature of governments, they have no clue about our real foreign relations, despite there being plenty of evidence and proof….it is a joke.. we need to boot the whole political system out like Iceland did.

    • M!

      This is precisely why I don’t eat meat at all. :)

      • ChristianM

        totally different. you dont eat meat coz you’re a pussy.

        • M!

          Yeah. Wow. Great insult. Your mother must be so proud.

      • Marcus Darrell Coleman

        jesus ate meat. u sayin u better than jesus?

        • Mark

          Jesus isn’t real

          • Bee

            Mark, tell MARCUS WHY?

          • Mark Chandler

            What if You are wrong? What are your options? Just keep an open mind. From another Mark

          • Red

            If he’s right he will gain a lot, if he’s wrong he will loose nothing.

          • just saying

            no Jesus then love is not real to you either?, Where there is no love there is hate and where there is no good there is evil. God is all good.

          • just saying

            hes not real to you why?

          • troj

            faker then a terminator smile

          • hulda

            how sure are you.. isn’t denial about Him is a way of accepting His existence?

        • fking

          The person is saying they choose not to eat meat.

        • god

          Meat wasn’t being shipped off to china to be processed back then was it…

        • Omondi Akura

          If Jesus really ate meat then yes, I am more compassionate than him.

          • its inthe bible

            Jesus ate fish

        • Bee

          Do your research on your Jesus. You may be surprised at what you find out…

        • Chris

          We totally are!!!

          He picked fights with merchants
          He had daddy issues and therefore stated that his imaginary dad was the father of all mankind…
          He tricked Judas into suicide
          He was a hypocrite because first he said that you have to love your enemy and all deserve love, but then on the other hand he said that all who is baptised will go to heaven and all the others to hell.
          A Canaanite woman asked him to help her daughter because she apparently was possessed. He didn’t even look at her because he said he was sent here for the benefit of the children of Israel.
          He was a thief also: Matthew 8:28-34: He steals an entire herd of pigs and kills them all.
          He even loved sadism: He said that if your eye caused sin, then you should gouge it out and throw it away.
          He even was an emotional nut case: One day he was hungry and went to a tree to eat fruit. Upon arrival there was no fruit, only leaves. Jezus said tot the tree: ‘May no-one ever eat fruit from you again.

          etc. etc.

          So yes, we are much much better than him!

          O and let’s not forget he didn’t exist…

          • Bible is the most read book

            you ever heard of taking what you read out of context? try getting taught what you read by someone who can teach you. I will be glad to help.

          • bevan

            (taking out of context)Yes , and that explains the crusades, most wars and well, america,so??? How you say savage?

          • Enoch

            So, when the bible is taken out of context bad things happen? crusades, religion, anti-objectivism, fundamentalism, hate culture, racism- I wouldn’t think that this is an argument against the bible… but the people that decide to take what it’s saying out of context.

          • ken

            …uhhhh…yeah…..your an idiot. That is possibibly the worst case of taking bibical texts out of context that I have ever seen. your an idiot, just in case you missed it the first time.

          • phura

            you need a lot of reading man…. and a lot of understanding too. i pity you enormously

          • Bernard

            did not exist?? there are more texts outside of the bible that make account of the life of Jesus than there are in it. Non-religious texts from scholars of that time that make plenty of reference to his life and works. What you choose to do with that info and how you warp it is up to you, but don’t make uneducated statements. Most atheists don’t even deny his existence. Certainly hope you dont translate everything you read so literally. Research the meaning of “Allegorical Biblical Interpretation” and maybe you will understand things a little better. Amazing how so many people live their lives “poised to strike” at anything to do with Christianity. They look for the tiniest gaps to have a go. Live and let live – it takes all sorts to make a world. I certainly dont spend my time lashing out at athiests and other religions – I have better things to do with my time. I have friends from all walks who respect my views – it just makes for interesting conversations, even though we dont agree on everything.
            Thought this was about pork beef anyway.

          • Joyce Worley

            ur a nut case.

          • KamalGilkes

            you are a bad person, maybe

        • Derrick

          If Jesus was real he was a vegan… Dumbass. Jesus is just another lie told to us.

        • Alana Linsay Stevenson

          There is actually no proof at all that Jesus ate meat – other than a few references to fish which actually are not found in non-canonical gospels (Marcus, that means gospels and accounts of Jesus not put into the bible – Look up Council of Nicea). Learn your history, which means you have to read, question, be open for knowledge and the truth. The earliest Christians were Ebionites and Essenes. Jesus was a Nazarene/Essene. John the Baptist was an Essene. Ebionites/Nazarenes/Essenes were vegetarian. In non-canonical gospels, there is no reference to ‘fish’ (and there is an argument that it was thrown in by the Greeks). Bread is always present in all accounts, fish only sometimes. In non-canonical accounts, Jesus eats bread and sometimes olive — not fish. Look up Eusebius and Epiphanius. Jesus’ brother, James, was a vegetarian — “James the Just” — he was put in charge of the Jerusalem Church — chosen by Jesus. James told the gentiles (meaning – you) to not eat slaughtered animals — read Acts 15:20, Acts15: 28-29, Acts 21:25 – So saying “Jesus ate meat. u saying u better than Jesus?” is just beyond dumb, esp since in one of the accounts, Jesus was already dead or a ‘ghost’ when he ate fish. Jesus was a Jew. It is hugely doubtful he ate pigs, or cows. Most ascetics were/are vegan/vegetarian — regardless of their religion — throughout history. You do realize MLK’s son and wife are vegetarian — right? I guess they’re better than Jesus too then. Or read 1 Corinthians 8:13

          • Lars

            Who cares if Jesus ate meat or not? He was some dude who either chose to eat meat or not. It should haver absolutely no influence on whether you eat meat or not. You have your personal reasons for doing things, but those reasons should never be simply because some dude did the same.

          • Alana Linsay Stevenson

            Why are you replying to me and not to Guest? I was responding to someone else. I was a complete vegetarian long before I read the NT and Jesus eating or not eating ‘meat’ had and has absolutely nothing to do with my diet. However, people seem to rush to state that Jesus ate meat as if to condone the practice – they don’t seem to even read the NT or bible except for Genesis 1 – when there is no indication other than a few inconsistent references to Jesus eating ‘fish’ as a ghost and feeding fish and bread to the masses. In other sources and noncanonical gospels there is no reference to fish, but always bread and sometimes olives. Therefore people who use Jesus as an argument to condone meat eating are really shooting from the hip. Reading Acts alone shows there was a strong stance against meat-eating amongst Jewish Christians. James specifically stated multiple times to gentiles they are not to eat strangled animals or consume blood.

        • Marcus Darrell Coleman

          wow look at the debate i started… i wasnt talkin about jesus in the biblical sense, but in the actual historical sense simply meanin they ate sheep, goat, and fish (last time i checked fish dont perform photosynthesis so its a meat)

          • adam

            ohhhh jesus in the historical sense. in that case it makes it easy. jesus in the ‘historical’ sense has its place in mythology, just like zeus and medusa.

          • bevan

            And agreed. Someone who talks sense.

          • Bernard

            hmmm…best do some homework before making statements like that. not saying you have to follow Jesus or have anything to do with christianity, but the life and teachings of jesus are documented outside of the bible to. The well respected Roman historian Tacitus makes account of the execution of Jesus – this was a historian who actually viewed christianity as a mischevious superstition – a man who would never have lied about something he did not believe in, especially for fear of his reputation. Recorded history supports him – but wether or not he was who he claimed to be is another matter.

          • bevan

            Hi five dude!!

        • Hubert Hickinson

          Show me 1 scripture that says Jesus ate meat.

          • Marcus Darrell Coleman

            i will soon as you show me one that says he didnt

          • Hubert Hickinson

            I never said he didn’t, so I shouldn’t have to prove what I did not say. You said he did, so prove it. Or don’t say what you can’t prove

        • lambie

          yes – Jesus ate meat 2000 yrs ago, when there were less than 500 chemicals known to man, now there are mega amounts of disease, and a billion chemicals, if you note history, before man ate meat, man lived nearly 1000 years, and grew to over 12 ft tall.

          • JJ

            Believer or unbeliever, I wonder how the world would be like if people just out love everybody.

          • Vanessa Vernell Baker

            and were BLACK

        • Corey Narkissos Springer


        • Melanoma

          some of Vegetarian, don´t eat Meat, I was one of them, but now I am following Jesus, have a normal life and take meat as my additional nutrition. Coz to be vegetarian, could be imbalance Vitamines and electrolyte are not good for body metabolism process.

          • Melanoma

            The pruritans were disappointed with Catholic Church, that´s way gone to USA and founded many sects of Christianity, but in the Bible described, in the end of the World, come many false Prophets, the doctrine as true but misleading. I never judge them, but they are exist as to be.
            No one say, don´t eat that and that, The rule was only for Jews in old Testament, but if some one believe in Jesus, they should be born in new life with Jesus, not with many complicated rule in this world , their life and false interpretation of Bible.

        • Art Brown

          That is a really baseless statement guest, MEAT KILLS

      • Linda Williams

        I’m getting there!!

    • Steven Wells

      but what u gonna do? food made in the usa has less laws than the rest of the world. at least in china they catch the crooks, in the usa? they use chemicals that are BANNED in other countries because it’s bad for you. New zealand milk had issues, horse meat in uk beef. the best advice is to make sure u dont just eat 1 supply of food, that way, if one turns out to be bad, you only had it once.

      • Luicee Ann Smithson

        CHINESE Processed “Chicken” has killed 2000+ dogs in the US- when it was used for their treats.
        Now they can no longer sell it to the dogs,
        The companies pulled out and started coming back to the US-
        when their sales tanked,
        They gotta use those processing plants for something-
        why not US?
        EMAIL, write- At least force them to make the FDA Label this chicken!

      • Ed

        Grow your own I do it’s all chemical free and it is real tasty

    • Fling Dong

      I don’t eat anything from China anymore. My gf is chinese and I refuse to eat her!

      • seasea


      • Jun Castro


      • adam

        I heard they were good

    • Elizabeth Conley

      I’m right behind you. The doctor recommended my husband eat fish several times a week. Fish is darned expensive in the U.S., and the fish harvested in China is more affordable – at least at first glance.
      Can I afford to eat food from a country that regulates food production so casually? I don’t think so.
      No more!

    • howiebledsoe

      Yes, here in the USA, our meat is as pure as the driven snow, fresh as a daisy. No chemicals, hormones or other dubious ways of raising our happy little animals. No, sir.

      • Wayne Langley

        PINK SLIME ring any bells??? Ur right Howie… Can’t trust our food supply at all!

    • Aww Man

      But it does say ” made with rib meat” People just don’t care.

    • Mary English

      Don’t forget the lead, like in the toys. If it’s not in the meat yet, give them time.

    • Art Brown

      All meat kills

    • lolwut

      too bad the same thing happens in Europe, they were selling fake beef just a while ago?

    • JoyceK

      and on top of everything you just said, if you buy frozen fish from China, try this; defrost it, drain it, and then weigh it. I have done this several times and what is supposed to be 16 ounces is usually 9 ounces of actual fish meat. The rest is water!!! China does not have the same cleanliness or honesty as most other countries, when it comes to food products.

    • Surging

      Don’t eat foods from USA either, even if they are USDA inspected its all mani[pulated and corrupted by monsanto

  • Alan Yuen

    The person responsible for this should be fed his own “beef” until his organ fails. at least I hope he wouldn’t be able to pay his way out of jail.

    • steve

      Cause pork will make your organs fail.

      • Alan Yuen

        industrial salt doesn’t sound edible to me.

  • DebbyBruck

    China. Giving themselves a poor reputation. #Untrustworthy.

    • John

      Yes, Cause America has such an amazing rep

      • DebbyBruck

        Unfortunately, America now follows with neglect, corruption and deceit within the system.

        • JJ

          I would love to have an example of this neglect, corruption, and deceit. How does someone who looks like a housewife, wasting her time surfing the net know all this?

          • DebbyBruck

            Make no assumptions. Everyone can read the news and learn.


            what a sad and sexist remark that was… What a housewife cannot be an intelligent and well informed person???

  • sharon

    but we eat fake crab meat .. lol .. I would buy this if it is cheaper

  • Jason Haze

    Any food product from China is questionable ……
    Many Low income families use the dollar stores to supplement their food intake, Many products sold at the dollar stores come from China, in the aforementioned post, (READ LABEL CAREFULLY) the product will say, distributed by BLALBLA foods in Los Angeles, CA, and below that in very fine print, (product of China)

    Buyer beware and remember knowledge is power!

    • Luicee Ann Smithson

      It’s not just dollar stores.
      At least it wasn’t with the dog treats,-
      Top of the line $20/bag treats were shipped from there until the consumers wised up
      and now the door is open forOUR food to come un-labeled from China?
      it’s nuts

  • Navy Vet

    Sell it to the Muslims.

    • Shea Buttah

      Says the navy PET that is or has served and protected current or former American Muslims…

  • Stephanie PhDiva Miller

    People are always doing some sneaky, slick shit for a dam dollar! Make me sick!

  • Jan Hoadley

    Maybe someday people will actually care about buying direct so they know for a fact what they’re getting. And how it was raised. And what it ate. But as it is, that’s just too much hassle for too many people. :-) Food choices are good – enjoy!

  • Laurie

    Smithfield the largest pork producing co. in America has just sold out to China. I do not buy anything from Smithfield. Smithfield has many packaging names. Be Aware !!!!!

  • nogeeksadmin

    Remind me again why Asia is lowest on my bucket list

  • Am3rica!

    I’d eat it.

  • Syd Vishus

    BTW: “Farm raised Tilapia” which has flooded the US market…is “farm raised” in Indonesia or China. Dead bloated fish, along with live fish are “farm raised” in deplorable, filthy conditions. On top of the docks are chicken coops…the chicken “poop” is what they feed the fish with. Nearly every (corporate) restaurant chain in the US, that sells Tilapia…is serving you that for dinner. Before you eat any Tilapia…ask them where it was “Farm raised” because it’s not local, or even from the US….and please stay away from it.

    • dsw

      that is very disturbing!

    • Future Logic

      This is absolutely absurd, and 100% false.

    • PhantomX

      This is definitely TRUE !! I have seen a lot of Tilapia fish pen in Asia and they throw chicken poop in the fish pen ( they say chicken poop makes water weeds or some kind of algae grow rapidly on the fish pen where fish chumps on it) besides feeding the Tilapia with fish meal pellets..you can make a research..go to a Tilapia fish pen and see what they do.

      • MarcHawkins

        what the issue thetre, we use manure to feed our vegetables and fruits growth. shit is some good shit when it comes to growing shit

        • Miles Lorraine M

          You gave me one hell of a laugh. I must say, I think ur’ absolutely correct. lolz heheheheh!~

    • disqus_HYjrgJXm5l

      I’ve always loved Tilapia and then I read this same story elsewhere and now I can’t eat it. If I could find a way to keep my energy up without the protein of meat or fish I would do it. It’s not easy. But I also heard that the number one threat to the world is not climate change, war, lack of housing…but rather…the growing lack of access to healthy food.

      • Syd Vishus

        Hi, and thanks for the reply. You should try Chia, or hemp seeds. Loaded with protein. Stay away from any SOY product, as it is a GMO. Almonds are also packed with 17% protein,.Beans or legumes, grains…also mushrooms are 37% protein. Protein is found in many food sources…good luck.

  • JamesPF

    geez these Chinese must have had Hillary Clinton for their teacher

    • Linda

      heartless- more like Dick Cheney

  • Xti Alchemy

    I am loving the term, ‘meat related offenses’.

  • Antonin Martin Ganner

    The bakery by my house makes Vietnamese chicken rolls..
    The meat is pink, like in most Asian food places in Sydney..
    I was totally baffled by how they manage to turn chicken pink, until the other day, when I found a load of jelly in my roll, like you find in dog food.

  • teya

    Buy locally grown, organic meats or you don’t know what your getting. There are lots of reasons not to buy ANYTHING made in China, especially the government’s stand regarding Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhism. Hard to do, I know, but your choices about how you spend your dollars is the ony thing that will make a difference. The Chinese government and modern day culture is unscrupulous and corrupt – no integrity. By refusing to line their pockets, you will benefit in many ways.

    • AfricanTraveler1

      And some of this is reason enough not to buy things at Walmart, too, since most of their goods come from China. I am all in favor of an embargo on Chinese goods (goods from China).

  • jenab6

    Chinese sellers were shipping fake honey to the US until the FBI stopped it a few years ago. It was some kind of industrial sweetener treated to resemble honey.

    • Wayne Langley

      Check the fake honey served at KFC! It’s part honey but also High Fructose Corn Syrup among other things. That’s why it’s labeled “Honey Sauce”…

  • Kently Ph

    The Department of Agriculture has approved four Chinese poultry processors to begin shipping a limited amount of meat to the United States, a move that is likely to add to the debate over food imports.
    American shall have fake chicken from China soon! Good Luck American!

  • scotsborn

    lol go to the local butchers instead of money mad supermarkets at least you see what your buying,,might be a bit dearer but at least its real and you know its fresh lol

  • Brad Boomhour

    I was thinkin Cat!!!

  • MoDexx

    OH Oh, I thought I had T Bone for dinner but it kinda tasted like pulled pork!!!!

  • Tanya

    Why do they fake everything??

  • EtherP

    I’m Chinese and I don’t eat stuff from there lol

  • American born chinese

    Well. Read the book “The ascent of money”. The chapter “From Empire to Chimera” and you will know why all of this is happening.

  • American born chinese

    Well. Read the book “The ascent of money”. The chapter “From Empire to Chimera” and you will know why all of this is happening.

  • #FreeMariama♏

    Even with these discoveries people are still going to eat food from their local Chinese carry-out. Yuck

  • bbbb

    Tasmanian salmon is the cleanest comes from the cleanest water in the world.

  • http://www.performanceimpressions.com/ Photography

    Eat any meat = nasty!

    • Vegan


  • Paul Lam

    Relax, rich Chinese communists poison local Chinese only. You western foreigners are worshiped and treated as their ruling class since their sons and grandsons are trying to join you (yeah they come with billions of black money ).

  • android_ultima

    Wow… pork treated with chemicals including wax and industrial grade salt?

  • Shelly

    Anything made in China is questionable. Food and household products. I recently bought a lid knob made in China, i paid 4.69 for a cheap plastic knob (which is fine) and a screw to replace the knob on my favorite lid that broke after a number of years of heavy use. Within a couple of washes, i notice the screw rusted. I don’t know about the Chinese, but i do care about not having rust in my food … so i removed the screw and in the process broke the knob as well … why? cheap plastic!! I have many many horror stories with China made items, and i could spend hours and hours telling them.

  • D Mountcastle

    Some how it doesn’t make sense to me to send our food to another country be it China or any where else and have it sent back to us. They don’t like us dumb asses. Don’t take our food out of our country and hope they don’t do anything to it. Thats just stupid.

  • Barko_Polo

    And the USDA has just given the “green light” to allowing chicken processed in China to be imported into the US Food supply–WITHOUT labeling it as “China” !!

  • Montely Wilson

    I’m not eating anything that say Product of China!

  • People Are So Dumb

    Because eating a cow & wearing mink fur is so different than eating a fox, a mink, or a rat? It’s all gross!

  • highwaterjane60

    I believe I heard that the U.S. is about to sign a treaty that prohibits indicating on meat, where it came from. Can you imagine?

  • kcir321

    Anything from China we put back on the shelf

  • Billie Keightley

    No matter where you leave in just best too raise your own meat or know someone that dos anymore!!!

  • damian salvador


    • WeAry_Bat


  • Jonathan D Waters

    This is why when I shop go for the Made in the USA! The less Chinese merchandise we purchase and the more made in America merchandise we purchase the faster our economy will rebound.

  • Jimbobwe

    how many Muslim counties where sent this pork product?

  • Deltarose

    We’ve noticed there’s something wrong with a lot of our foods-I know a guy from sunbeam bread who won’t even eat it anymore. We have been buying our meats from a small country local family meat market for a while.

  • Deltarose

    Hey, one day-a guy just developed some weird meatless wafers for food-Soilent Green anyone?

  • Elmer Nichols


  • Christian Contreras

    AfricanTraveler1 I agree 10000%

  • vandolph

    anything not fake from China?

  • Gary Adams

    You go on about China when most countries including third world countries won’t allow our foods because of all the chemicials; look at Mountain Dew, look at BPA all banned world wide. Make fun of the FDA and inspectors they bust their butts in it is the big boys who turn off the rules who let big business do whatever they want. I forgot make sure you don’t eat shrimp it is posion from the Gulf and more so from China.





    • blue_strat


  • europhobic

    Well, I obviously avoid Chinese food but also American food. For example, American meat manufacturers are allowed to use meat conservants that are known to cause cancer and banned in Europe and a lot of other countries. So it’s a pot, kettle, black situation a bit. Trouble is that the US is forcing its produce onto other markets with the threat of WTO.

  • mag

    some folk still eat food from China. not us or our dogs though.


    Looks like local farmers markets are really going to skyrocket!


    And on another front…perhaps this is a way to keep those “pesky illegal immigrants” from coming into the U.S. since they are the primary workers at many poultry processing plants! Government ploy? But seriously, how “cost effective” can it be to ship chickens overseas to be cut up, and then shipped back? And we’re also to assume what they send back is really chicken? This is one of the more crazy things I’ve read recently.

    • AfricanTraveler1

      It can be cheaper to ship the chickens to China, have people do the work there, and ship it back to the USA than to have Americ
      an workers do it here. One thing you can trust business to do — opt for the cheapest method of accomplishing something. Make sure you don’t buy Tyson chicken any more.

  • TooMuch

    Please tell me why the hell do they send our meat ALL THE WAY to freaking China to be packaged??? Then they ship it back to America??? Do we not have any meat packaging plants in the United States? Absurd!

    • AfricanTraveler1

      The answer is simple. Labor costs are so low that it makes the sum of all costs involved to be lower than they would be if American workers did the work here.



  • Mushzilla

    and people wonder why i don’t eat meat…

  • Onyx

    I find this to be very hard to believe. U people will believe any story. Suckers!

    • blue_strat

      and on the flipside of that coin, you’re very naive.

  • Tony

    Go to the above link and sign my petition to reverse the USDA decision to allow importation of Chinese meat products into the U.S.

  • TonyU
    • TonyU

      The US plans to send chicken to China to be processed for America.

  • Patrick

    Forget China, If you shop at AmeriProd, it has been proven that all of your dreams will come true! —-> http://www.ameriprod.com

  • Debbie Rogers

    well, if we did eat rat, fox, and mink, we are still alive, so it must not be all that bad to eat. at least it wasn’t dog, cat, horse or camel.

  • America

    That is why I raise all my own meat and vegies . I am tired of shit we buy from other place” s

    • blue_strat

      it’s spelled “veggies” not “vegies”

  • Beats Reloaded cot dom

    And McDonalds still wants to import chicken nuggets from China? Smh at this world

  • The Undeniable Truth

    Sick S#!t!!!!!

  • Barry

    We have to start manufacturing our own raw material here and sell them our finished product…

  • well fed canadian

    OMG!!!!! People really will do anything to make a buck. Anything.

  • Huebschmania

    Medium rare pork chops anyone?

  • pianki

    In China and elsewhere Rats are consumed. What ever Chinese consume they are healtier than Americans by a far stretch. How about them Ramein Noodles?

    • blue_strat

      you’re obviously very naive and in denial.

  • oldmammacat

    And the government ok’d a deal with the Chinese to ship us chicken… That’s just lovely.

  • Malik King

    They won’t get me? Cause im not a meat eater!

  • Judee Hill

    Does anyone really think that the labels are accurate if they are lying about everything else? How can you believe the labels?

  • Red Sam Rackham

    At least it wasn’t dog, cat or horse meat!

  • ginny

    Nothing has changed they have been doing this for years, dog, rat, cat, you name it they claim it…………………cook your own meals that way you will know what you are eating instead of eating them there ching wings…………

  • Angel Day

    I bet Wal Mart has imported some of this Fake Beef to their “Meat Market” in the store. Everything at WalMart is imported from China

  • SuperKK

    Surprised it wasn’t dog. China is a shithole when it comes to… well… pretty much everything.

    • blue_strat


  • elevation2

    I see many post on salmon. Take in to consideration the nuclear waste that Japan is dumping in to the ocean. it’s hundreds of tons each day. This next season many fish will be contaminated, it may effect the globe. The effects have yet to be determined.

  • Ayah Bowser

    I hate that most people commenting on this are considerably older than me, and arguing about things that have nothing to do with the article….

    • blue_strat

      it’s called free speech and freedom of expression. perhaps you’ve heard of the concepts? newsflash, kid … you know most of the things young people are taught growing up like … judging everyone by their character and not by their heritage, treat those as you want to be treated, etc, etc, etc?? well, the reality of it is, like it or not, most of that goes out the window once you reach adulthood. sad, but true. it’s a cruel, kill or be killed world we live in … get used to it.

    • jenn

      Let this be a lesson learned: Never read the comments on news articles. Seriously, it will only get worse.

  • Poodlicious

    Or…..to spare yourself the disgust, and the animal the horror of the slaughter (not to mention the terrible life most suffer in captivity), don’t eat animals….

    • blue_strat

      sacred cows make great hamburgers

  • C.B. 34

    PORK, BEEF, who cares? its all good once its covered in A1 sauce

  • guest

    So – THAT’S why the Chinese bought Smithfield!!!!

  • Raul Ortega

    If this happens to meat intended for people…
    Imagine all those pet treats coming from China… That explains this:

  • Terry Boake

    Just another humiliation for China, perhaps the most despicable culture on the planet. Or maybe tied with the USA. :p

  • Jane_NoDough

    How much you want to bet it was headed or WalMart?

  • BrendaWatts

    China should be boycotted…

  • MaxJay

    Oh this is only sad for people who are allergic to pork and they are eating it thinking it is beef! They should make beef more cheaper and the crooks will stop this nonsense! What other fake foods are we eating?

  • Aww Man

    Check where Mcdonald’s get their food from? question: is your meat real or fake?: “Despite all those myths out there, none of our meat is fake! McDonald’s uses only 100% USDA-inspected beef from real beef cattle to make our burger patties. Our chicken is 100% USDA-inspected real chicken, supplied by industry leaders like Tyson Foods and Keystone Foods, and the same high standards apply to our 100% pork.” ^^ I see Tyson’s foods in this quote.BYE MCDONALD’S!

  • Mikel

    This isn’t news. Real news headline that would truly shock me would be if police find something in china that is pure and genuine.

  • Tracy TN

    That’s holy shit! *sorry! but can’t be calm down..

  • Jill

    I will never understand why companies go to such trouble to make things unhealthy.

  • Lois Payette

    If the packaging label says “China” I do not buy it! They do not have enough regulation, nor inspectors to keep up with all this fraud!

  • somthinfishy

    How did a discussion about fake meat in china turn to Jesus ? Oh maybe because he was a fake too!

  • acer


  • Blomhåret

    I don’t understand all these irrational carnists. It’s all just corpses, it doesn’t matter what species the person who was murdered was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503200248 asrguy

    I bet even the pork they started with was fake…

  • Buddha Bless

    Switch on to Veg diet . Non vegetarian diet gives lot of health problems

  • Sue Stack

    Why we should never purchase anything that we or our animals eat from China. They are sick humans, just a greedy as our politicians.

  • Eric Coen

    Check that shit out a lil better & I bet you’ll find some cat & dog in it !! Dont buy meat from china theyre know to fake it how ever they have to and spray it with toxic chemicals to turn it into whatever they want it to be..you’d probably be safer eating ROADKILL LOL

  • Robert Charles Loehr Jr

    You should see the dental Lab work they are sending back for the greedy outsourcing USA dentists. Not up to FDA standards I can assure you!

  • Late4dinner

    Look in Roosevelt Field Mall Food Court. The small restaurant vendor displays a side of beef but when your meal comes it is NOT beef! When confronted about it the woman at the counter said that it was “Booshie Beef” That must be her codename for some other kind of meat that is certainly NOT beef. nickname for

  • Chukka

    All I can say is – Melamime in Baby Formula!!! If the chinese don’t give a fuck about killing their own babies, then why would they give a fuck about selling fake/poisoned food to foriegners!!

  • Mshaikh

    so the point is if v buy beef how can v differentiate that its real or fake?

  • http://StacyYoungArt.com/ Stacy Young

    one word: vegetarianism

  • Kelvin

    Well, in China you eat literally anything chewable, so as long as you keep it within your boundaries, the rest of the world has no problems with you. After all, that’s what Chinese people are well known for worldwide…..CROOKEDNESS!!!!

  • Monica Carroll

    People wake up! Your being lied to here in the US too! Those who allegedly regulate our food are in fact the companies who make it. Question everything, China we all know has zero credibility but look closer at our companies. I read one about Tyson, please, they have been poisoning us for years. Dig deeper people, the truth is all over the Internet. The solution for now is buy Organic GMO free and not organic from other countries. Check out “meet your meat” on Utube. Narrated by Alec Bladwin. 3 minutes. That’s what your eating!

  • David

    “This makes us wonder what impostor foods we might be eating, which in turn makes us very, very uncomfortable.” Then don’t go to China lol. This is a market of 1.3 Billion people, none of these numbers seem very high. I visited Chine three times (I am a Canadian), ate duck head, chicken feet, some things eye, something where I was told, “It’s OK, you can eat the head,” and a few other interesting items. This story isn’t news.

  • http://www.davidhowsemarketing.com Calgary Marketing

    ” This makes us wonder what impostor foods we might be eating, which in turn makes us very, very uncomfortable.” Then don’t go to China. This is a market of 1.3 Billion people, so the numbers listed are not very high. This is not news.

  • Alex H

    I really hope they didn’t have to simply throw away 22 tons of meat. That would be the real tragedy here.

  • M

    So, just don’t eat meat. The majority of the meat industry is unbeleivably inhumane and disgusting; most people just don’t know about it.

  • Chuck Robey

    Package it up slap a sticker that reads Halal Beef and ship it to all of the Muslim lands…

    • Vildy

      Completely ignorant and uneducated remark.

      • Michael Bowler

        But funny, n’est ce pas?

  • Ludgero Filipe

    So many keyboard warriors here. Alaskan Salmon vs Norwegian Salmon Vs NW coast Salmon, Radiation knowledge vs Radiation ignorance. Jesus eating meat vs Vegetarians. Seriously guys, chill out, you’re as bad as this bad ass meat.

  • fasterfind

    My god…. I spend years LIVING in China… This is disturbing.

  • Kitchen Vignettes

    Apparently this happens here too with a lot of the seafood we eat. The tuna industry is notorious for this: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/02/59-of-the-tuna-americans-eat-is-not-tuna/273410/ – not that we should be eating tuna anyway since most is being fished to extinction – and then we have fake petriedish / lab-produced meat coming down the pipeline. Know your farmer / know where your food comes from has never been more important advice.

  • Kitchen Vignettes

    Apparently this happens here too with a lot of the seafood we eat. The tuna industry is notorious for this: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/02/59-of-the-tuna-americans-eat-is-not-tuna/273410/ – not that we should be eating tuna anyway since most is being fished to extinction – and then we have fake petriedish / lab-produced meat coming down the pipeline. Know your farmer / know where your food comes from has never been more important advice.

  • Olsen

    Walmart meat (mostly hamburger) has a different flavor. I don’t know if their buyer is purchasing old dairy cows or it is mystery meat. Nasty stuff.

    • Michael Bowler

      I don’t buy ANYTHING from Wal Mart.

  • George Costich

    All good Reasons to go to a Vegan Diet!

  • hiendurance

    Let’s shut the government down so we don’t find out!

  • Tricia Snyder

    This is why I raise my own.. I know what it ate, how it was treated ( in my case spoiled rotten.. lol) and how it was processed.. fresh chicken, pork, beef, duck, turkey and goat… also my own cheese, milk, butter, ice cream, eggs and a great animal family to boot..

  • J-M

    Polish horse meat sold to Ireland as beef that Is an act of war.

  • Damon Giannoccaro

    Hi all. I have been very sick from eating a Mac Donalds burger in GZ. The patty blocked up my tummy and the “patty” did not digest at all when I passed it 2 days later… I know for sure that it was not even meat… Paper, wood and chemicals I believe… The problem is that in China I have no means taking action… I am still suffering and it’s day 6…

  • KevinFromNYC

    When a certain political party says that we need to cut government, what they are saying is we need to cut the number of food inspectors who protect our food. The crap which comes in from foreign countries are not being inspected. Do you think they care about what they send to us?

  • Cuteypops

    according to you all… WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!! Well guess what we are going to die eventually. Get out and enjoy your life while you still have time.

  • Long Schlong

    the chinks are bootleggers of everything possible.

  • Artefact

    Goddamn chinks. For the sake of improving the world and making it a better place, we should seriously just nuke China and get rid of every goddamn chink in existence. Chinese are the sick man of Asia, a biologically flawed sub-human species that is a poison to this planet.

  • Artefact

    This is what you get for letting Chinks, the sick man of Asia, exist. Nuking China and killing the sub-human Chinese on this planet is an obligation long overdue.

    • Michael Bowler

      Tell us what you really think…

  • http://www.RonOliverClarin.com/ Ron Oliver Clarin

    Very Grossy news!

  • Jason Yamamoto

    Somebody say meat? We’ll still eat it if the world ending tomorrow.

  • Ariel Boy Fernandez

    WAKANGA!!! Hanep talaka mga intsik beho en! Wala ngawa matino, siopao laman pusa o ngawa daga. Salamahe talaka mga intsek beho tulo laway… Dapat inyo, paktay!!!

    • Michael Bowler

      Really? WOW!


  • VIV


  • lewwaters

    I hope they sold a lot of it to the Middle East ;-)

  • flower

    ewwwwwwww thats fucking gross fuck china!

  • Gary A. Gooden

    By 2050, it will take 100 billion land animals to provide the world’s population with meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods. Maintaining this herd will take a huge, potentially unsustainable toll on the planet. What if there were a different way? In this eye-opening talk, tissue engineering advocate Andras Forgacs argues that biofabricating meat and leather is a civilized way to move past killing animals for hamburgers and handbags. Yep may not sustainable (assuming that we don’t do something stupid and cull ourselves before that).

  • Teresa Ordonez

    I would not doubt it if they say is fake beef made out of human flesh, YUC!

    • Michael Bowler

      Soylent green?

  • QP

    Never put any thing “made in China” in your body folks

  • ronnie

    ..so many things not nice come out of china..what’s with them anyway? or am i wrong?

  • Reader

    China fakes it’s GDP all time too… Search:-

    “China says Yunnan county ‘faked’ economic data”

    And people think China has great economy? Just look at the people, have to kill each other for survival, eat cats, dogs, etc too.

  • jonquimbly

    It’s 3,300 lbs of fake beef, not 3,000, not unless the metric system has been substantially changed in the past 24 hours.

  • Cheryl

    I find this gross. That said, for those that think they are safe in the U.S., think again. Places like restaurants do this. I mean the chicken nuggets are made of a pink, processed substance and most eat it up. Soy is evil and passed as good. Meat is raised in a bad environment. I know a person that made food for animals. He said they threw whatever in there but no mention on the bad. That is likely not limited to dogs, and we can’t check everything.

  • Zionistout

    Fuckin Jews and their Bolshevik world trade.

  • Starshadow666

    Another good reason to be a vegetarian.

    Or even just not eat red meat at all.

  • Danita Johnson

    Vegetables, produced in my own home garden is what it is boiling down to be for me. I’m not trusting anything being made by anyone else. This is absolutely an atrocity.

  • Danita Johnson

    Vegetables, produced in my own home garden is what it is boiling down to be for me. I’m not trusting anything being made by anyone else. This is absolutely an atrocity.

  • Krysztov

    Everyone who’s freaking out about food in China: The people got arrested and the story made the news. In America, most likely whoever reported the story would be arrested and food regulations would be quietly revised behind the scenes to allow it.

  • Brandy Shale Davis

    Japans fecal “meat”…BRT slime…..And now we are going to send our chickens to china to be killed-processed and brought back here…Why??….They show a brand new plant-people dressed in new clothes……. I believe it is centered around Halal butchering practices…We all know asian countries have no respect for animals…..Please write the USDA and demand we produce our own food…if we can’t do it-We don’t need it!!

  • OnlyFamilyCallMePopi

    Chinese will bootleg anything I knew about the Clothes hand bags music and movies but now food. Oh my god there are some sick people out there. I don’t eat pork cause of health reasons. I would hate for some one to eat this and they don’t eat pork because of religious reasons. Smh

  • Wilbur

    Let me guess the manager of the meat packaging company “offed” himself right.

  • Angel

    Then don’t eat processed foods. Simple as that. I don’t.

  • Jack Alexander

    The confiscated meet should be donated to the Muslim Brotherhood

  • smarts55

    Cutting corners is never good business.

  • smarts55

    Cutting corners is never good business.

  • cholorado

    they come up with ingenious, devious and disgusting ways of making and saving money …I recently read an article about an outfit in china that collects gutter waste from streets busy with street food carts and filter it to extract the oils in it and resell it. What about their milk scandal a few years back.

  • HeartPunch

    I stopped eating beef over a decade ago and became a vegetarian about four years ago. It seams like every day I am hearing about stuff that makes me glad I did.

  • Jutsy

    At least the Chinese government are working to stop this. The American FDA made it so that American meat producers could use ammonia treated scrap meat to be used into your meat as filling. Only until it was reported did anyone care.

  • http://123employee.com/ brainlets

    I will vote Donald Trump!

  • bigfatdong

    And this is where America is having chicken processed into chicken nuggets. So frickin comforting seeing articles like this.

  • Chris:)

    From toys with little plastic balls that contain the date rape drug, to exploding tires, to poisonous pet foods and snack, to importing steel instead of making it in the U.S.; the list is endless. They poison their own babies and polute their air so bad, that they have to walk around wearing masks. Yet we continue to import their crap because people would rather save money by buying cheap low priced garbage rather than higher quality products made in the U.S.

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