A Hedge-Fund Billionaire Paid Guy Fieri $100,000 to Be His Friend For a Day

Plus, 15 awful/awesome Guy Fieri Halloween costumes.

  • F*ck this is good. (Photo:
  • "So I went to the girl who cuts my hair and asked if she could do it. She responded, 'I can do anything.' And I’m starting to believe she is right. I think she nailed it. What do you think?" (Photo:
  • This is too incredible for words. (Photo:
  • This is a picture Mario Batali Tweeted of himself in full Guy Fieri attire. And that's Chew host Clinton Kelly as Mario Batali. (Photo:
  • A double fisting Guy Fieri does not equal a believable Guy Fieri. (Photo:
  • It's like Guy turned into a baby then gained 300 lbs. Truly creepy. (Photo:
  • Post up in front of TGIFriday's for your Fieri glamour shot? Genius. (Photo:
  • This is not 'money'. (Photo:
  • Bulk up and we'd believe you. (Photo:
  • We found this Guy Fieri impersonator on a blog called Bitchin' Lifestyle #appropriate
  • This guy gets an F- for trying to dress like Guy and not even giving a f*ck. (Photo:
  • blur
  • Fake Guy Fieri's probably gets mad b*tches to call him. (Photo:
  • "Guy Fieri doesn't get mad, he gets even... redder." Thank you,
  • The obvious winner of Guy Fieri Halloween costume contest. (Photo:

According to Page Six, embattled hedge-fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen, whose SAC Capital Advisors is charged with insider trading, paid everyone’s favorite spiky-haired chef Guy Fieri $100,000 “to be his friend for a day,” reveals Allen Salkin in his book, From Scratch: Inside the Food Network. But this news is even more disturbing than it sounds—Cohen paid Fieri to “drive around Connecticut with him to reenact a fantasy episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Then, of course, Cohen and Fieri became close friends, and Fieri even featured Cohen’s favorite Connecticut hot dog spot Super Duper Weenie on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

In light of this recent news, we’ve decided to showcase 15 people who dressed like Guy Fieri for Halloween, because we’re sure one of these Fieri impersonators is Steven A. Cohen. We can’t prove it, but we have a strong feeling.

Click through the gallery to see 15 of the most awful/awesome Guy Fieri Halloween costumes.

Fieri and Cohen. (Photo: Andrew Kelly, Reuters)

Fieri and Cohen. (Photo: Andrew Kelly, Reuters)

  • Clawhammer

    I think the whole world is wondering whether Guy Fieri could pay them enough to be his friend for the day.

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