20 Awesome Food Magazines You Should Be Reading (If You’re Not Already)

When it comes to food, print is far from dead—pimp your coffee table with these standout quarterlies and zines.

20 Awesome Food Magazines

Though print media is allegedly on life support and some of the best publications continue to fold at a startling pace (pour out a 40-ounce for the late Gourmet and Food Arts, homies), it seems zines and journals are enjoying a sudden renaissance, especially in the food world.

The cookbook may be dead, but the coffee table-worthy food rag is in full bloom. David Chang's Lucky Peach flies off shelves, with original copies selling for upwards of $80, and editions of Swedish-based Fool sell out before they even hit stands.

From hyperlocal 'zines to stunning hardbacks printed only once a year, here are the 20 food magazines that you should be reading right now.

Written by Hannah Norwick (@HannahNorwick)

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