16 TED Talks That Will Make You Smarter About Food

From Jamie Oliver's dissertation on childhood obesity to Dan Barber's sustainable fish parable, these short videos will turn you into a food politics pro overnight.

Christien Meindertsma: How Pig Parts Make the World Go Round

The speaker: Artist and photographer Christien Meindertsma explores connections between raw materials, producers, and consumers in her book Pig 05049, which details what happens to the parts of an anonymous pig named 05049.
Main issue(s) tackled: Nose-to-tail eating, food waste

After following an ordinary pig from the farm to its various incarnations after death, Meindertsma finds that even European pig farmers don't know what happens to their hogs after butchering. In her book—which includes chapters with titles such as "Blood," "Fat," and "Miscellaneous"—she meets the network of people responsible for the almost 200 products that come from Pig 05049, ranging from bacon to artificial hearts.

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