10 Ways to Eat and Drink Your Way to a Better July 4th

Grilling, chilling, and drinking beers—here's how to ace Independence Day.

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  • Make the best burger you've ever made. You could make a regular-old burger, or you could make one of these next-level patties. Dream big!
  • Cook your way through the American canon. From baked beans to brownies, make sure you're making the best version possible.
  • Make sure regional cuisines get their place at the table. Just because you're not from the South doesn't mean you can't fry a mean chicken thigh.
  • Catch a game of America's Favorite Pastime. And while you're there, chow down on some epic stadium snacks.
  • Stock your cookout with all-American foodstuffs made by indie brands. American hot dogs, American mayo, and of course, American bacon.
  • Or if cooking isn't your thing, head to the nearest Cheesecake Factory. There's nothing more American than a big-ass plate of nachos.
  • Drink your way around the country. Fifty craft beers, fifty states.
  • Read up on some of the more obscure American specialties. You've had plenty of cheeseburgers, but have you ever tried pasties?
  • Try the best regional sodas from around the country. For a more G-rated addition to your cooler selection,
  • Explore the many regional variants of the hot dog. From Seattle-style dogs with cream cheese to Detroit coneys, the frankfurter is a canvas for local tastes and traditions.

Overcrowded beaches, pool parties, and fireworks are all givens on the Fourth of July. But all that is secondary to the most important question when it comes to holiday celebrations: What should you eat? Click through for our best coverage of American food and drinks to make sure your Independence Day celebration is fully stocked. Just what you need to take full advantage of the long weekend. Happy 4th, everyone!


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