10 Steps to Memorial Day Nirvana

Here's how to do the holiday the First We Feast way.

  • Photo: Liz Barclay
  • Make some condiments from scratch. Nothing will take your cookout to the next level like some homemade salsa verde or sriracha.
  • Get your beer game strong. You want something refreshing and sessionable so that you can sip all day—some nice farmhouse ales will do nicely.
  • Stock up on cool sodas. For the kids and non-drinkers at the party, don't just put out a couple liters of Coke. Make a run to the store and see if you can find any regional varieties, like Cheerwine and Ski.
  • Set your memorial day playlist. It should include plenty of Action Bronson.
  • Celebrate regional American foods. It doesn't have to be all cheeseburgers and dogs. You can do some good patriotic eating by looking to the culinary oddities that fuel local eating habits around the country.
  • Celebrate the fact that you don't have a terrible beer tattoo. Or maybe consider getting one.
  • Impress everyone by opening a beer without a bottle opener. This is an essential cookout skill.
  • Make a refreshing cocktail. There will come a time in the afternoon when everyone needs a pick-me-up. A Campari Fizz will do nicely.
  • Make next-level hot dogs. For inspiration, we present the Dieselboy
  • Pass out while watching a movie. Choose from

We hope that #HotDogWeek has given you plenty of Memorial Day inspiration. But believe it or not, there’s more to the holiday than tubesteaks. Click through the gallery above to see our guide to nailing everything from beer-opening, to afternoon cocktails and post-feast lounging. 

Happy Memorial Day!


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