10 New Classics Everyone Should Know How to Make

From avocado toast to breakfast fried rice, these go-to dishes are destined to join the pantheon of classic home-cooking dishes like roasted chicken and chocolate cake.

  • Breakfast Fried Rice. Fry up some bacon, then some scallions and rice—top it all with an egg. This is a warm, filling breakfast we can actually see ourselves making before we dash out the door for work—it’s fast, without a ton of prep, and it’s everything we want, exactly when we want it. Because why should you have to wait until dinner for fried rice?
  • Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches. Crusty, hot, and melty chocolate sandwiches make a decadent snack, but cut into daintier portions and nestled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, they make a perfect dessert for company.
  • Avocado Toast. This is the best food, ever. We like to use thick slices of bread and smash on a fat layer of avocado, so you get contrast between the crunch of toast, the soft innards of the bread, and the creamy avocado. Flaky salt is key; express yourself with extra toppings.
  • Dan Leader’s 4-Hour Baguette. This recipe is the aggressive, no-more-excuses shove that you need to start baking your own bread. It will only take you 4 hours of intermittent attention, and won't require a starter nor any equipment you don't already own—and it will rival your favorite bakery's version.
  • Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake with Meyer Lemon Whipped Cream.  A crispy, crackled top hides an inside that is impossibly dark and chocolatey. This is the best possible in between of fudgy brownies and rich chocolate cake.
  • Zuni’s Pasta with Preserved Tuna. Tossing pasta with tuna, capers, pine nuts, and a few spices creates a dish that is much greater than the sum of its parts. Hint: use olive oil-packed tuna.
  • Tiger Cake. This is not the marble cake of your childhood! Even if the cake of memory was delicious, this one is hipper, super simple to make, and gorgeous without your doing anything special to make it so. The batter is made with flavorful extra virgin olive oil, a hint of white pepper, and natural cocoa powder for maximum tastiness.
  • Toast Brown Butter Steel-Cut Oats. Toasting the oats adds layers of nutty, semi-sweet flavors to this traditional Irish breakfast. A bit of heavy cream added at the end makes this oatmeal feel decadent.
  • Maialino's Olive Oil Cake. Olive oil cake at its best has a crackling crust and an aromatic oil-rich middle, which, if it held any more moisture, would be pudding. Pulling this off should be easy—there aren't even egg whites to whip and fold, or butter to cream—but it isn't always. This one, however, is perfect, and will ruin you for all others.
  • One-Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf. Both the quinoa and the hearty strips of lacinato kale crunch lightly between your teeth, and Meyer lemon juice and zest keep the quinoa from being bland. Fresh goat cheese and walnut oil just barely coat the warm pilaf, giving it a creamy, tangy finish, and toasted pine nuts lend some crunch.

We love the classics. We reach for them when we need comfort, when we want a sure win, when we run out of other ideas. But what about new things? What about new innovations and new takes on dishes that might not be classics yet, but that are just as faithful and delicious as all of the old classics? Don’t these deserve the designation of “classic” as well? We think so, at least, so we have compiled all the recipes that we haven’t been able to stop ourselves from reaching for lately, and that we don’t see ourselves giving up on, well, ever.

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