10 Genius Ways to Reinvent Leftover Ingredients

Save money, be a better person, and eat well.

  • Turkey Pho. The standard turkey breast gets spiced up with sriracha and Asian flavors. You’ll soon find yourself buying extra turkey just to produce leftovers for this noodle bowl.
  • Steak with Arugula, Lemon and Parmesan. Although this fresh, spring-ready dish is already a cinch to make, it becomes a no-brainer when you have already cooked steak on hand. Just slice, dress, and serve.
  • Turkish Yogurt Soup with Lamb Meatballs. You’ll need just one pound of lamb for this Turkish-inspired dish. Combine it with herbs, and toss it into a yogurt-based soup. It’s a comfort-food dish—just one you may not have met yet.
  • Spinach, Mushrooms, and Cream for Dinner. Mushrooms add so much complexity to any dish, but when they decide to head south, they really go for it. Beat them to the punch with this six-ingredient recipe.
  • Sausage and Kale Dinner Tart. This hearty tart is not only impressive, but will use up your languishing greens. Save that kale from the back of your fridge, along with the half-used basil bunch that has seen better days. Although many would say there’s no such thing as leftover wine, you can throw in the tiny bit that never quite made it into your glass.
  • Orecchiette with Spicy Sausage, and Ramps. Leftover sausage gets a new lease on life—and seamlessly becomes the star of another meal—in this simple pasta. Feel free to use more readily available leeks in place of ramps (or another green that you have on hand that gets all silky when cooked).
  • Leftover Salmon Kedgeree. Seafood is not one of those foods that has a leisurely shelf life. If you find yourself with leftover salmon, we’ve got you covered. This rice dish combines bold flavors in an adaptable way.
  • Chicken Salad with Cornichons and Radishes. This isn’t your average chicken salad. Although it starts with leftover pulled roasted chicken like plenty of other recipes, crisp radishes and cornichons add a healthy dose of crunch. This version is dressed up and ready to be trotted out this spring.
  • Diana Kennedy’s Carnitas. Simply the best thing you can do with leftover pork? Put it in a taco. You won’t be sorry.
  • Bacon and Egg Salad with Dukkah and Peppery Greens. Anyone who keeps hard-cooked eggs on hand knows that, despite good intentions, they’re sometimes forgotten. This sandwich will give you a great reason to use them up, along with a handful of greens, and the last slices of bacon in your fridge.

Leftovers are easy to have mixed feelings over. On the one hand, they mean you don’t have to cook a whole new meal, but on the other hand, eating the same thing three days in a row gets old quickly. We’re here to offer you a solution—10 ways to reinvent your tired leftovers into a whole new eating experience. It’s a win-win situation.

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